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Easy graceful poem is translated 3 times
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This also is everything----Answer the << of friend of a youth everything >>

Not be all large trees are broken off by storm; is not all seeds cannot finding rooted edaphic; is not all the real situation prediction of a person's luck in a given year is in the desert of popular feeling; is not all dreams are willing to be folded wing. Not, not be everything resembles what you say in that way! Hope, and struggle for it, put all these on your shoulder please

Reply To Everything Written By One Youth of – of This Is Also Everything

Not Every Tree Is To Be Shattered By Storms; Not Every Seed Is Unable To Find A Place To Grow; Not Every Feeling Is Discarded In The Desert Of Hearts; Not Every Dream Is Willing To Be Struck Down To The Ground; No, not Everything Is As You Said. Raise Your Hope And Fight For Her; Please Put These Everything In Your Mind.

Perhaps? ---Answer the loneliness of an author

Perhaps our worry always is perhaps without the reader the road begins bad already result or perhaps we nod the fault each lantern again by fresh gale each is blown destroy perhaps light life to illuminate the fire that did not warm oneself however beside darkness perhaps lachrymal current uses up land more fecund perhaps

Maybe – Reply To One Author Who Feels Lonely

Maybe What We Are Thought Will Never Be Read; Maybe We Are Wrong From The Start To The End; Maybe We Have Lighted Lamps Which Are Put Out By Storms; Maybe We Have Consumed Our Lives To Light The Darkness, but are unable to warm ourselves; Maybe tears are run out But the land is irrigated; Maybe we are praised by the sun While we are praising the sun; Maybe our faith is much stronger When our shoulder feels heavier; Maybe we cry out for other one’s distresses But keep silence to our own misfortunes; Maybe we have no choices But follow the irresistible calls.

Send oak

If I love you---Resemble the Chinese trumpet creeper of scramble anything but, lend your tall branch play the peacock; If I love you---Do not learn spoony bird absolutely, for green shade repeat singsong music; Springhead of more than also elephant, deliver all the year round comfort cool and refreshingly book; Perilous peak of more than also elephant, raise your height, foil your impressive manner. Solar even. Even rain during springtime. Not, these are insufficient still! I must be ceiba of your near one individual plant, as the figure of the tree and you the station is together. Root, grasp in underground, leaf, touch in Yun Li. Each flatus passes, we present our compliment each other, but the language that understands us without the person. You have your cupreous branch iron to work, resemble a knife, resemble a sword, also resemble halberd; I have my red large flower, resemble heavy groan, resemble gallant torch again. We partake cold wave, tempest, thunder; We share mist brume, shed haze, Gong Ni, as if to depart forever, however lifelong depend on each other. This ability is great love, faithful is here: Love the body of your Wei bank not only, also love your importunate place, the land below the foot.
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