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Love and friendship Love And Friendship
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Emily Bront? (1818-1848)

Love Is Like The Wild Rose-briar; Friendship Like The Holly-tree* . The Holly Is Dark When The Rose-briar Blooms* , but Which Will Bloom Most Constantly?

*The Wild Rose-briar Is Sweet In Spring, its Summer Blossoms Scent The Air; Yet Wait Till Winter Comes Again, and Who Will Call The Wild-briar Fair? *

Then, scorn The Silly Rose-wreath Now, and Deck Thee With Holly's Sheen, that, when December Blights Thy Brow, he Still May Leave Thy Garland Green. *

* love resembles wild rose, friendship resembles Chinese ilex. When the rose blossoms, chinese ilex however blackish green is worn, state love is intense and friendship is insipid. Which kinds can hold blooming position, the answer is latter of course.

* wild rose blossoms in spring and summer, the flower is sweet 4 excessive. But arrived in the winter, who can say it is beautiful? The blossomy time that represents love is very sweet, but crossed a climax, be worth commend no longer.

* Chinese ilex is in at ordinary times not very offend an eye, meet with even the person is disgustful, but come when the winter, everythings on earth all blasted moment, in the garden it still is full of opportunity of survival and vigor. Express friendship to humanness place takes seriously or do not notice possibly at ordinary times, but difficulty is encountered in people, when doing not have other outlet, it may become your hope place.