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Division says - On The Teacher
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Ancient learned man has division surely. Master person, so preach suffers course of study to dispel doubts also. The person that the person is not what be born and know, can what have be puzzled? Be puzzled and not from division, its are be puzzled also, indissoluble eventually. Unripe before me, its are heard also, solid first me, I thereby of division; Unripe after me, its are heard also, yi Xianhu I, I thereby of division. My division also, does husband commonplace know his year give birth to Yu Wu early or late? Hereat is not had expensive without cheap, without long without little, the place of the path is put, the place of division is put also.

Lament! Shi Daozhi is not passed long also, desire of the person it is difficult also to do not have be puzzled. Ancient wise man, its a person is far also, still and ask Yan from division; Today everybody, its play a wise man also Yi Yuan, and shame learns at division. Emperor of hereat emperor beneficial, I beneficial I. The sage is emperor, fool is I, do its all stem from this? Love its child, choose division and teach; Yu Jishen also, criterion shame division Yan, be puzzled. The division of those boy, awarded book and be used to its a reader, blame I is alleged pass the its path, person that solve its be puzzled also. Of the period and the comma do not know, of be puzzled indissoluble, or Shi Yan, or not Yan, elementary school and big involuntary discharge of urine, I did not see its bright also. The person of witch doctor, musician, 100 labour, not shame photograph division. Of scholar-bureaucrat a group of things with common features, say " master " say " child " the cloud person, criterion group get together and laugh. Ask, say: Those and those year the photograph if also, the line is similar also, low criterion sufficient be ashamed, the official fills close flatter. Alack! Shi Daozhi not answer, knowable. The person of witch doctor, musician, 100 labour, gentleman despises, today its Zhi Nai cannot be reached instead, its can be blamed also Yu!

The sage is fugacious master. Confucius division Tan child, assist of Chang great, division, old Dan. Tan child apprentice, its virtuous not as good as Confucius. Confucius says " 3 people go, have my division surely. " hereat child need not be inferior to division, master need not virtuous at child. Wen Daoyou early or late, art line of business has specialize in, so just.

Li child coil, year seventeen, good prose written in classic literary style, 6 art classics all opens practice, not stick to at when, learn Yu Yu. Yu Jia its can go ancient course, make " division says " with leave behind.

In Ancient Times Those Who Wanted To Learn Would Seek Out A Teacher, one Who Could Propagate The Doctrine1, impart Professional Knowledge, and Resolve Doubts. Since No One Is Born Omniscient, who Can Claim To Have No Doubts? If One Has Doubts And Is Not Willing To Learn From A Teacher, his Doubts Will Never Be Resolved. Anyone Who Was Born Before Me And Learned The Doctrine Before Me Is My Teacher. Anyone Who Was Born After Me And Learned The Doctrine Before Me Is Also My Teacher. Since What I Desire To Learn Is The Doctrine, why Should I Care Whether He Was Born Before Or After Me? Therefore, it Does Not Matter Whether A Person Is High Or Low In Position, young Or Old In Age. Where There Is The Doctrine, there Is My Teacher.
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