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If give me 3 days light
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If give me 3 days light (· of sea human relations Keller Helen Keller)

All Of Us Have Read Thrilling Stories In Which The Hero Had Only A Limited And Specified Time To Live. Sometimes It Was As Long As A Year; Sometimes As Short As Twenty-four Hours. But Always We Were Interested In Discovering Just How The Doomed Man Chose To Spend His Last Days Or His Last Hours. I Speak, of Course, of Free Men Who Have A Choice, not Condemned Criminals Whose Sphere Of Activities Is Strictly Delimited.
All of us has read a few exciting stories, the hero in these stories is in alive merely finite and inside specific time, be as long as a year sometimes, sometimes short arrive 24 hours. But we always have fun at discovery, that is fated those who want dead is the person that those have choice freedom, is not those territory by strict limit the criminal that sentenced punishment.
Such Stories Set Us Thinking, wondering What We Should Do Under Similar Circumstances. What Events, what Experiences, what Associations Should We Crowd Into Those Last Hours As Mortal Beings? What Happiness Should We Find In Reviewing The Past, what Regrets?
Such story lets us think, below similar case, how should we do, as the person that eventually one die, what event is scheduled inside a few that final hours, what experience, what interacts? When reviewing the past event, what joy should we find? What compunction?
Sometimes I Have Thought It Would Be An Excellent Rule To Live Each Day As If We Should Die Tomorrow. Such An Attitude Would Emphasize Sharply The Values Of Life. We Should Live Each Day With A Gentleness, a Vigor, and A Keenness Of Appreciation Which Are Often Lost When Time Stretches Before Us In The Constant Panorama Of More Days And Months And Years To Come. There Are Those, of Course, who Would Adopt The Epicurean Motto Of " Eat, drink, and Be Merry, "But Most People Would Be Chastened By The Certainty Of Impending Death.
Sometimes I think of, passing each days is a first-rate habit, it seems that we will be met tomorrow gone. Brightly of this kind of manner emphasized the value of life. We should know the means of fun to had passed each days with elegant, energetic, be apt to. And when years elapse, be in often the days of day, future is medium when look up watchs future, these often are lost again. Of course, also somebody wishs to press Yi wall turtledove rash credo " eat, drink and happy " go living. (interpret notes: Yi wall turtledove rash it is Gu Xila philosopher, he thinks the thematic purpose of the life is enjoyment, and highest enjoyment carries reasonable life only, if ego controls ability,get. Because give birth to the purpose that enjoys alive to be emphasized overly, and the method that amounts to this purpose is ignored, so Yi wall turtledove rash believer nowadays turns into the person that seeks enjoyment. Their credo is: "Let us eat and drink, because we will die tomorrow " ) , but great majority person still is afflicted by the inevitability that is about to face death.
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