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Red Lou Meng " wonderful translation admires analyse
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London university teachs flower interpret " red Lou Meng " . " red Lou Meng " be China is outstanding monumental work, the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan ever was adapted take the motion picture, widely known. 50 time mainland films " red Lou Meng " the record that achieved Lian Ying more than 200 days in Hong Kong, still have no a film to be able to break this record up to now.

Many colloquial article authors after May 4th movement of 1919 had eulogized " red Lou Meng " this great fiction. Red learn an expert, like a rising wind and scudding clouds, the talent comes forth in large numbers; Red learn an excellent work, gurgle gurgle, continuous.

559 time scholar of many China and foreign countries once " red Lou Meng " flower interpret, the introduction goes to western country, but as a result of a variety of problems, it is section interpret only just.

Till 70 time have the lecture of an Oxford,teach Huokesai (David Hawks) , not hesitate actually Wu of demit no longer hold the post, absorption bury head at all " red Lou Meng " flower interpret. Force of his work of the style of translation is abstruse, english is written very fluently.

Admire Huokesi to be in first please " red Lou Meng " flower last paragraphs of in translation author's preface touching word:
"My One Abiding Principle Has Been To Translate Everything-even Puns. For Although This Is, in The Sense I Have Already Indicated, an 'unfinished' Novel, it Was Written (and Written) By A Great Artist With His Very Life Blood. I Have Therefore Assumed That Whatever I Find In It Is There For A Purpose And Must Be Dealt With Somehow Or Other, I Cannot Pretend Always To Have Done So Successfully, but If I Can Convey To The Reader Even A Fraction Of The Pleasure This Chinese Novel Given Me, I Shall Not Have Lived In Vain. I Shall Not Have Lived In Vain..

Suddenly gram of England of Qin of Chinese Cao snow is thought of

Compose " red Lou Meng " this outstanding the Cao Xueqin of monumental work, can calls China the wonder of literary history, tens of year come countless writers scholar gives this classical master to criterion, have the greatest esteem for.
Gentleman of person of distinguished scholar introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad chrysanthemum is in 70 time a paragraph of such words had written in its column:
"On skill we can say to come from clear minor details ' 5. 4 ' till today, it is China, unmanned can with Cao Xueqin side-by-side. His skill, be in especially skin texture on, careful research, astounding, thinking is the writing that divine spirit writes down. Thinking is the writing that divine spirit writes down..

If Cao Xueqin has below the nether world know, the West after more than 200 years gave be glad to learn actually another wonder, the high post that teachs even the college also resigns, assiduous in the home 15 carry, all interpret becomes the work him crab body written language, introduce western country, sure meeting has a smile on his face bring for unisonant!
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