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Job of second evaluation decide on awards through discussion finishs Sichuan pro
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Sichuan saves eleventh job of outstanding achievement decide on awards through discussion finishs science of second philosophy society smoothly to on May 15, 2004, save couplet of agency of state of 17 88 societies, city to declare positive result in all completely 5274, among them, monograph 559, paper, investigation report 4628, reference book 48, popular science reader 29; Will come in June by July, 620 achievement are recommended to enter course evaluation group to participate; Will come on August 5 on October 19, province commissioner invites 110 experts to be opposite achievement be commendatoried undertook evaluating, the honorary award that will evaluate group of proposals to course on December 3 at will coming on November 4 and one, second-class award achievement had comprehensive review a case, reconsider. On December 15, director of commissioner of vice-governor, province Comrade Ke Zunping is chaired hold province commissioner eleventh second decide on awards through discussion the 2nd conference, the conference is right each award undertook discuss and be reconsideringed. Vice director of commissioner of secretary of leading Party group of couplet of the division that save a company, province Comrade Liang Shouxun made province eleventh on the meeting the working report that second decide on awards through discussion works. This second decide on awards through discussion works, evaluate a honorary award in all 2, first prize 6, second-class award 34, third class award 159. According to 142 provinces the government makes and " decide on awards through discussion carries out actually " , each bear the palm will be in " Sichuan daily " and " Sichuan news network " on announcement, accept social all circles to supervise, fair show period for 30 days. The newspaper after expiring omits governmental sanction, hold prize-giving plenary meeting at the beginning of 2005. Secretariat of association of province interpreter worker extracted and compile Sichuan on December 31, 2004