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Sichuan saves interpret assist news in brief 2005 the 2nd period
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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief

2005 the 2nd period (always the 48th period)

Sichuan saves interpret assist on Feburary 24, 2005

Chinese interpret assist will form a delegation go to Europe

Carry out to carry out in the center of publicize working conference spirit external, make full use of Chinese interpret assist the special effect in international interpret couplet, promotion China translates a bound in the world influence, chinese interpret assist classics approval, plan to form a delegation on August 3, 2005 - 15 days go to European Finland, Sweden. Main task is:

1. The meeting of couplet of interpret of the seventeenth international that attends to hold in Finland applies formally 2008 international interpret couplet plenary session of the 18th world (refer to please about detailed circumstance: Www.tac-online.org.cn And Www.fit2005.org, chinese interpret assist secretariat address: Beijing on the west the city zone ave of 1 million villages 24, 100037, phone 010-68990247, 68994027, report mails Taccn@163.com) ;

Association of association of written translation of mouth of 2. visit Finland, Swedish interpreter home and Swedish accredit translate an association, communicate experience, discuss cooperative matters concerned.