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Sichuan saves interpret assist news in brief 2005 first phase
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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief

first phase (always the 47th period)

1. Chinese interpret assist the 5th board in November 2004 4-7 day is in Beijing satisfactory hold. The 54 parties member that comes from countrywide each district and 9 director of the branch and specially invite delegate in all 342 people attended the meeting. Congress of chairman of sound of book of the Song Dynasty made a problem be " seek true deal with concrete matters relating to work, with when all is entered, initiate interpret hard assist new phase of the job " Chinese interpret assist working report of standing council of the 4th whole nation; Congress revised constitution; The conference arose to be a new put in order of chairman to pay attention to with Liu Xiliang; Chairman of association of worker of Sichuan province interpreter (Sichuan vice-chancellor) Professor Shi Jian is chosen to be Chinese interpret assist vice-chairman.

2. Job of evaluation of second decide on awards through discussion finishs Sichuan province eleventh smoothly. This second review a honorary award in all 2, first prize 6, second-class award 34, third class award 159. According to concerning a provision, bear the palm will be in " Sichuan daily " and " Sichuan news network " on announcement, accept social all circles to supervise, since announcement day, inside 30 days of deadline consentient person, the newspaper omits governmental sanction, hold eulogy award plenary meeting at the beginning of 2005. (extract and compile)
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