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Sichuan saves interpret assist about recommending the announcement of senior int
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Sichuan saves interpret assist about recommending the announcement of senior interpreter home

Each director unit, director, member:

According to Chinese interpret assist " about be in international interpreter day commended 2005 the announcement of senior interpreter home - " interpret assist () word [2005]001 date " spirit, classics research, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, recommend a level: The age 70 years old of above, be engaged in translating class action 30 years above, translating the old interpreter home with the outstanding achievement in the job;

2, recommend a program: Oneself fill out a form - collect Sichuan saves interpret assist secretariat - province interpret assist standing board is authorized - report Chinese interpret;

3, timeline: On April 28, will declare on June 28, on June 29 - enlarged meeting of standing on July 15 board is on the foundation of worker of provincial and famous interpreter of assess, discuss report Chinese interpret assist recommend list - will sign up for Chinese interpret on July 16 assist examine and verify - during international will translate day in September by Chinese interpret assist undertake final careful decide to reporting person selected and commend (Chinese interpret assist send a qualification letter) . (add registration form of senior interpreter home)

Inform hereby

Sichuan province translates association

On April 25, 2005

Newspaper: Couplet of division of company of province of conduct propaganda of provincial Party committee of Sichuan of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan, Sichuan saves folk of civil administration hall to organize management board

Send: Interpret of the college Party committee such as Sichuan university, area assist, Party committee of orgnaization of external affairs scientific research, concerned army, factories and mines, company
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