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Sichuan saves interpret assist news in brief 2005 the 3rd period
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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief

2005 the 3rd period (always the 49th period)

Sichuan saves interpret assist on May 8, 2005

Sichuan saved ☆ in March 2005 interpret assist (association of worker of Sichuan province interpreter) all comrade writes the 5th board to congratulate vice-chancellor of Ren Sichuan of flourish of Shi Jian chairman ardently.

☆ China interpret assist during deciding in September 2005 international translates day, hold senior interpreter home to commend again activity. Sichuan saves interpret assist by Chinese interpret assist noticed a requirement on April 20, 2005, with respect to senior interpreter the home recommends a level, declare program, program to be reached by the platoon wait about specific item, issue an announcement with concerned unit to each director unit, member (detailed content announcement requesting an audience and province interpret assist Www.cntrans.net) , answer actively. Chinese interpret assist the decision is home of interpreter of affirmative older generation not only the activity of the arduous work that gives to translating a career to develop place and contribution, and active to will translating the prosperous progress of career and philosophical society science to have henceforth meaning.

☆ on May 8, 2005, sichuan saves eleventh outstanding achievement prize-giving congress and Sichuan save science of second philosophy society the 5th 4 director conference is in company division couplet Chengdu is held. The conference publicizes undersecretary Zheng Comrade Xiao Xing to chair by province commissioner vice director, provincial Party committee. Head of a department of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, propaganda Comrade Wang Shaoxiong made important speech, secretary of leading Party group of the couplet that save a company Comrade Wang Jun was made " Sichuan saves eleventh science of second philosophy society is outstanding working report of achievement decide on awards through discussion " , read out of Zhang Jialiu of vice-chairman of the couplet that save a company list of bear the palm. The province leads Ke Zunping, Li Jin, old province leads Nie Ronggui, Xu Shiqun, the comrade such as Liu Shibai of chairman of the couplet that save a company attended the meeting. The conference summed up Sichuan to save company division couplet the job 2004, advanced the working point that Sichuan saved company division couplet 2005.

The research that hopes conditional member comrade attends philosophical society science actively works.

Province interpret assist secretariat address: Postcode 610051, southwest of oil of China of a bridge divides Sichuan province the Chengdu City department survey grinds courtyard
Phone 028-86017163, 85541236
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