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News in brief of association of worker of Sichuan province interpreter (the 2nd
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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief

2006 the 2nd period (always the 53rd period)
Sichuan saves interpret assist on April 15, 2006

Sichuan saves interpret assistOn October 2006 20-22 day (report for duty 20 days afternoon) annual meeting is held in appropriate guest; Undertake the unit is advisable guest city interpret assist. Assist it is advisable to run an unit do outside city of guest of guest institute, appropriate, school of Ying Jie foreign language of management board of sea of bamboo of city of guest of firm of translation of Chengdu language bridge, appropriate and appropriate guest city. Conference content includes working summary; Paper, composing, experience communicates; Save assess of outstanding interpreter worker and senior interpreter home to recommend, outstanding interpreter organization commends etc. The meeting is formal invitation letter will be given out in succession recently.

Sichuan saves company division coupletThe near future is given out " save about beginning Sichuan dozenth science of second philosophy society is outstanding the announcement of achievement decide on awards through discussion " (announcement) , inform with respect to limits of guiding ideology, decide on awards through discussion, participating achievement leader of program of basic standard, decide on awards through discussion, organization, decide on awards through discussion is declared, timeline of decide on awards through discussion made specific provision and clear specification with concerned item. The limits of decide on awards through discussion that notices a provision is to point to: On January 1, 2004---In December 2005 31 during, monograph of report of the paper that I save watch of author fair development to publish, research, learning, compile, interpret is written, ancient books is arranged, popular science of reference book, company and reader; The publication that via provincial above news publication branch approves inside data allows confirm (the 01st, 02) report of published paper, research; Have not is published publicly but by class of province, ministry its above Party and goverment officials is used, promotion (issue a proof) research of investigation report, countermeasure can be declared participate. Participating achievement is main the standard is to point to: Indispensible insist to be mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " important guiding ideology is guidance, have higher academic value, or the social benefit with better generation and economic benefits. Program of decide on awards through discussion is: To the place by the individual couplet of division of agency of state of society, city is declared; Couplet of division of agency of state of society, city is judged at the beginning of constituent expert; In the foundation is judged to go up to be recommended by evaluation of expert course group first, the honorary award that province commissioner invites expert evaluation to be recommended to evaluation, one, 2, third class award has integrated review a case---Go up in open media to social announcement---The newspaper omits governmental sanction---Award prize. Of decide on awards through discussion declaring is to point to: ... the author that the ministry of provincial unit and the Chengdu City, province belongs to a school, inspect the content that declares positive result to be declared to relevant provincial society, association, seminar... . Decide on awards through discussion does individual of reject a complaint to declare. Timeline of decide on awards through discussion: The middle ten days of a month will come to will be on May 15 in March declare period; Will declare on May 15 end; Decide on awards through discussion of province of newspaper of collect of the each unit before May 20 does examine; At the beginning of June---In July 20 before judge first, will judge at the beginning of the newspaper before the bottom in July turn list; At the beginning of August - group of course of expert of the middle ten days of a month will be evaluated in September; In September the last ten-day of a month---10 bases review a case; Province commissioner is authorized in November bear the palm; Fair in December show; Award prize at the beginning of 2007. What require data but from declare an unit to get or carry up and down from Www.sss.net.cn net. (-- Sichuan saves interpret assist inform according to saving company couplet decide on awards through discussion to do content is extracted and compile)
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