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Sichuan province translates worker association 2006 annual meeting invitation le
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Sichuan province translates worker association invitation letter
Build socialistic harmony society, prosperity to translate a career to make positive contribution to build innovation country, form, classics Sichuan saves interpret assist standing director discusses a decision: Association of worker of Sichuan province interpreter (Sichuan saves interpret assist) annual meeting saved appropriate guest city to hold in Sichuan 2006. Inform concerned item as follows now:

One, conference time: On October 20, 2006---22 days (report for duty 20 days afternoon) ;
2, conference address: Ou Shuoxun of A of appropriate guest institute teachs a center;
3, meeting theme: Harmony communication prosperity develops;
4, sponsor an unit: Sichuan province translates worker association;
5, undertake unit: Appropriate guest city translates association;
6, assist run an unit: Do outside city of guest of appropriate guest institute, appropriate, school of Ying Jie foreign language of city of guest of management board of sea of bamboo of city of guest of firm of translation of Chengdu language bridge, appropriate, appropriate
7, conference content: Sichuan saves interpret assist working summary; Learning, experience communicates; Sichuan saves home of senior interpreter of assess of outstanding interpreter worker and China to recommend (in July 30 before newspaper stuff) etc;
8, refer achievement word number to be restricted less than of 5000 words left and right sides shrinks draft, subject matter is not restricted: Paper, interpret is written, composing, experience talks etc all but. The conference will be preferred recommend enter province and decide on awards through discussion of congress of interpreter of the 18th world. The requirement attends those who save governmental above decide on awards through discussion, will sign up for material on May 10 please (the paper that publishs publicly, interpret is written, composing needs to offer original or photocopy) ; Attend annual meeting assess only, but at material will signing up for before the bottom in July. Every enters meeting data, will shrink please draft first electron the interpret that send a province assist secretariat and full text of provide for oneself 11 above, province interpret is sent after assist secretariat.
9, join meeting personnel to fill good receipt to be prepared at the conference is being sent before August 31 please group (also can send an electron) , prepare group of addresses: External affairs of appropriate guest institute does a postcode: 644007 phones: 0831-2066216 3531186 E-mail: J.phoe@263.net or College.English@163.com
10, contact: Jiangli allows Ge Youjin Zhang Yueli
11, meeting Wu cost: RMB 300 yuan (contain entrance ticket of beauty spot of sea of conference data, bamboo and food. Do not contain predict 100 yuan of accommodation and roundtrip cost)
12, the conference reports for duty place and course: Report for duty place: Guesthouse of center of show of Yo of appropriate guest institute: Appropriate guest railway station arrives directly by 11 buses, take a car or take a car to be in oneself a high speed 500 meters of place namely advisable guest institute gate.
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