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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief
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Sichuan province translates worker association news in brief

2006 first phase (always the 52nd period) Sichuan saves interpret assist on March 15, 2006

Sichuan saves interpret assistOn October 2006 the last ten-day of a month holds annual meeting in appropriate guest, undertake the unit is advisable guest city interpret assist. Conference content includes working summary; Paper, composing, experience communicates; Save assess of outstanding interpreter worker and senior interpreter home to recommend, outstanding interpreter organization commends etc. The leader that joins meeting personnel to be director, member to back association worker the delegate, concerned personnel that is engaged in translating the job, enthusiasticly and society know a personage. In working to be being prepared all right each at present. Ginseng will be formal invite an announcement to will be given out at the near future.
Sichuan saves company division coupletWill hold in university of southwest finance and economics on March 14 " couplet of division of Sichuan province company 5 5 board and " double first " choose commend meeting. The conference is chaired by Wang Jun of secretary of leading Party group of company division couplet, vice-chairman. On the meeting, members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee publicized ministerial Comrade Wang Shaoxiong to make important speech. Comrade of modest of die of secretary-general of company division couplet, vice secretary of leading Party group of company division couplet, vice-chairman Comrade Zhang Jialiu represented company division couplet to make couplet of the division that save a company worked to sum up and save company division couplet to worked 2006 2005 early or late the working report of the point. Country of abundant of king of chairman of company division couplet Professor Liu Shibai, southwest money the warm reception of the person that the president's speech also got attend the meeting. The conference issued certificate of merit and letter to organization of of all kinds bear the palm and individual, I meet Comrade Zhu Xianchao obtain 2004-2005 year " double judge " learn name of advanced worker glory.
Sichuan saves company division coupletThe job wanted a place 2006: Carry out in the round implement scientific progress concept, strengthen the research of pair of great theory and real problem; Do well decide on awards through discussion of program of philosophical society science works, farther prosperity develops philosophical society science; Do science of good philosophy society to learn to supervise the work, enhance institutional opportunity of survival and vigor ceaselessly; Explore way of all-pervading of company division knowledge actively, enhance company division knowledge to popularize actual effect sex of the job hard; Do good company division to study positive result further change the job, perfect the way that achievement changes and method ceaselessly; Do well construction of oneself of company division couplet, hard compose establishs couplet of harmonious company division and company division group.
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