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Plain province translates worker association news in brief
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2006 the 5th period (always the 56th period)
Sichuan saves interpret assist on October 28, 2006

Annual meeting and academic communication were in association of worker of Sichuan province interpreter 2006 institute of guest of appropriate of appropriate guest city is held successfully

Save interpret by Sichuan assist sponsor, appropriate guest interpret assist undertake, do outside city of guest of couplet of division of company of city of guest of group of assorted of general of fluid of appropriate guest institute, 5 grain, appropriate, appropriate, Chengdu language bridge translates company, Chengdu to connect interpret to translate a company assist do with " kind, innovation, prosperity, development " give priority to.

More than nearly 50 ginseng meets a representing to come from complete province more than 40 units such as place of courtyard of each college, army, scientific research, war industry, hospital and translation firm, conference communication paper and experience 9.

Wool of prexy Luo Yuansong, assistant dean overcomes appropriate guest guest of Pan Hou of strong, king, appropriate prexy assistant, couplet of division of company of city of guest of director Peng Guangyin, appropriate does outside teaching town of Tao Weizhong, appropriate guest couplet of division of company of city of guest of standing vice-chairman Xiao Jinhu, appropriate civil administration of city of guest of Luo Yongkang of former standing vice-president, appropriate.

Prexy Luo Yuansong teachs appropriate guest to met a representing to show the speech that welcome ardently and made enthusiastic raise profit to joining on behalf of appropriate guest institute; Chairman of Sichuan vice-chancellor Shi Jian made serious talk and read out commend decision, huang Kaijing vice-chairman holds secretary-general concurrently to represent the cooperation that save interpret the problem is " the Sichuan province that builds kind, innovation, prosperity, development for compose translates an environment and try hard " the job summarizes a report. Couplet of division of company of appropriate guest city is standing standing vice-chairman Luo Yongkang also made couplet of division of company of city of guest of vice-chairman Xiao Jinhu, former appropriate the speech of enthusiastic raise beneficial. Chengdu military region is old the head of a department or office of senior colonel of path of 78006 army Chen Ming, southwest interpret of in relief science and technology of associate professor of college of foreign language of university of science and technology, continous assist rich of vice-chairman He Weike, Chengdu is thought of achieve center of sign foreign language to check manager of the Chanjiang River to part both sides of delegate army, ground made enthusiastic speech. Lian Zhen like that vice-chairman read out result of paper appraise through comparison. The conference commended 2004-2006 year is of all kinds and 5 advanced collective, advanced individual 18. The conference also issued communication at the same time paper and classics Sichuan province are dozenth foreign language of science of second philosophy society is judged at the beginning of outstanding achievement recommend a commissioner the Sichuan of meeting assess saves interpret assist award of special award, first prize, second-class award, third class in all 18. 2006 year are judged in all decide outstanding interpreter worker 3, recommend and classics China interpret assist the senior interpreter home of approval 2.
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