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English translation the authority of Translation - Translation of Translation
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Bo translation company translation of elites. In addition to full-time English translator, the company also from famous universities, research institutions, foreign institutions, foreign embassies and returned overseas students and staff employed The industry experts, senior engineers and technical staff as our English translation, Translation and consultants. They have over ten years of professional background and experience in English translation, the work rigorous and realistic, precise translation of refinement. Bo translation company with a unique translation of the multidisciplinary, multi-disciplinary and cross-border in the English translation of advantages, condensed English translation of the Company's long-term practice of experts in the rich experience accumulated by many customers at home and abroad continue to feedback for the customer create professional English translation works fine same time, to enable them to get the English translation services value the cultural enjoyment and pleasure. Company by a "fine translation of refinement," the English translation of the work style elite, senior manager of Advanced English translation of the main daily work, Chinese and foreign experts, strict proofreader, specifically for government departments, judicial organizations, multinational groups, enterprises and individuals such as providing "high quality, professional, efficient and value," the English translation and consulting services. I translated and stamped by the translation of the English translation of Chapter recognized access more than one hundred countries and regions worldwide. SAFE, the foreign embassies in China, the Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department, the judiciary, notary offices and other government agencies recognize the legal effect of the company's President. Service areas: English translation services 1, a variety of content, multilingual translation services related categories: Transportation Administration, civil engineering, construction, information, management, mechanical and electrical systems, land use and urban planning, tender documentation, etc. 2, translation services, finance and economics: Economy, investment, finance, business management, etc. 3, Law and Business Class Services Translation Services: Patent law, trade correspondence, immigration information, contracts, business directory, etc. 4, Social literary translation services: A variety of news, magazines, advertising, religion, biography, social, educational, recreational and psychological 5, biochemistry class translation services: Environmental, chemical, physical, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and nutrition, agriculture 6, science and engineering services, translation services: Civil engineering, construction, agricultural, machinery, motor (machine) car, motor, communication, computer, photography, electronics 7, Academic Translation Services: Papers, references, R & D projects, reviews of information 8, certificates, documents and proof of class translation services: Account of this, marriage, birth, education, transcripts, military service certificate, identity card, proof of medical diagnosis, in-service proof License, tax bill, articles of association, contracts, letters of recommendation, autobiography, real estate appraisal reports English interpretation service 1, we held a variety of translators interpretation services cases, including many well-known foreign companies. 2, our wide range of interpretation services is diverse, including: business, law, fashion, market research, press conferences, seminars, leisure and tourism, and other various cases of different nature. I will, according to the different needs to match the scene to provide interpreters.