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Anhui Publishing Group: the Group elected the sixth executive director of the T
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January 20, 2010, China TAC executive director of the sixth session of the second was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Anhui Publishing Group Publishing Group as the only local elected as the sixth executive director of TAC units, Group President, chairman of Times Publishing Company additions to the executive director of Asian and African king. Lin made editor of Times Publishing Company also attended the meeting. Translators Association of China (formerly known as "the Translators Association of China", "China TAC") was established in 1982, with translation by the relevant national authorities, enterprises, social groups and individual voluntary form of academic, industry-based non-profit organization, is the field of translation only national social organizations in China by the distribution of provinces, cities and districts of the unit members and individual members. Under the social sciences, literature and art, science and technology, military science, national language, foreign affairs, external communication, translation theory and translation teaching, translation services, localization services, 10 professional committees. Competent authorities for the Chinese Foreign Office. In recent years, Anhui Publishing Group and the era of the introduction in the book publishing and book "going out" made a fruitful work and achieved remarkable results. Introduction translated as "Jack", "moonwalk" and loved by readers of foreign books, but also translate the output of the "Chinese Folk the World", "Chinese name" and a large number of Chinese books, to improve the Chinese culture " soft power "to promote the integration of world culture to make a positive contribution to the exchange. During the meeting, the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, former Foreign Minister, Li Zhaoxing, China's TAC Chairman, the Chinese foreign language, Executive Director, China and other TAC Guo Xiaoyong, executive vice president and the first king of the Asian-African president, Lin made editor to the next step Corporation and China TAC training in translation, translation of a major book projects and interactive resources development and other fields TAC conducted in-depth communication.