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New Year of the partnership partner of the each colleague that Zhu Tongyi transl
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On December 31, 2006 Sunday

New Year of the partnership partner of the each colleague that Zhu Tongyi translates, interpreter that connect interpret and each new old client is good!

In this demit old the hour that see the New Year in, the partner of the each colleague that we tell interpret to translate a company to want to give the translation that connect interpret the blessing of New Year, interpreter that connect interpret and give everybody new old client. We are advancing as the pace of the times, in2006Year we achieved the goal that we predict successfully, because our core competition ability got,reflect further. Interpret is connected to translate in Chengdu and even Sichuan Chengdu already well known, in China western international exposition, Asia invests forum, 2006Chinese European Union negotiates investment of meeting, China negotiates can (Xiamen) , project of loan of bank of project of world bank loan, Asia, violet screen spreads water conservancy project, Lafaji day of activity of project, Germany left us everywhere Chengdu is connected. We have hope capable also to be in2007Year do weller. Each colleague that tells interpret to translate company acknowledgment to make outstanding contribution for the company in this Chengdu, the partner that also thanks the interpreter that connect interpret and the everybody that give us support are new old client!

Tomorrow is2007The first days year, also be us a day of the happy event of move to a better place or have a promotion of the interpreter that connect interpret, we will appear before everybody with brand-new appearance. Our new office building is located in look at Jiang Lu1Square of the sea in date7Building, wide and bright newOFFICEBe located in bright and beautiful river bank border Sichuan university, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out the scenery is attractive, believe to be able to connect interpret interpreter to us
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