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Invite sincerely oral interpretation actual strength abundant person join in!
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On April 23, 2007 on Monday

Invite sincerely oral interpretation actual strength abundant person join in!

Chengdu connects interpret to translate company course to be accumulated for years, had formed at present stronger carry on the ability of activity of high-end oral interpretation. From 2000 the first China western international exposition begins the China 2006 - the European Union negotiates meeting and the Chengdu international software that hold 19 days this month negotiate meeting, left Chengdu to connect interpret to translate the company's active form everywhere, we have reason to believe this is the platform of lover of foreign language of a high end, we invite sincerely you join in, exhibit your charm on this arena.

The activity of large oral interpretation of the near future: Exposition reachs interpreter of its correlation conference, forum western; Project of European Union China negotiates forum of collaboration of meeting, Sino-US economy, western international travel forum, western financial peak is met


1. Simultaneous interpretation is seasoned person;

2. The person that have experience of normal oral interpretation (congress passes interpret, normal business affairs to talk alternately) ;

Intended participator sends resume to close to Tyfanyi@126.com He Long please

The theme makes clear please: "Advanced oral interpretation joins in "

Leave quick contact way without fail please, we reply as soon as possible or see about, please not phone.

Remarks: Jackaroo must not waste everybody's time please. Thank!

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