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China western international exposition introduces
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On May 14, 2007 on Monday

China western brief introduction of international exposition circumstance

Western China International Economy&Trade Fair

China western since international exposition established 2000 oneself, a year one, annual on May 25, 28 days are held in Sichuan Chengdu, hold 7 successfully already. Xibohui develops ceaselessly expand, make part " commodity is on sale, classics trade communication, capital attraction, academic delibrate " the exposition of large omnibus international at an organic whole, become accelerate carry out western big development strategy and the main platform that launch international to cooperate via trade communication, become reveal China western achievement of historical culture details, reforming and opening and the important window that happiness develops prospect.

   One, hold China western the period setting of international exposition

2000, below the big setting of economic globalization, china joins WTO smoothly, blended in world economy to develop spring tide, indicate development entered a Chinese economy a new level. Of the same age, for difference of economy of ministry of contractible China thing, develop energetically western economy, chinese government made brilliant and decision-making, carried out western the strategic deploy of big development. Government of province of Sichuan provincial Party committee is active and corresponding the appeal of party and country, realise adequately western be developed greatly even if western open greatly, hurried of great open gift develops greatly, established China western international exposition, show an area 25 thousand square metre, exhibit through this can induct in the round western the development achievement since area reforming and opening, reveal western the advantage of substantial natural resources, development and latent capacity, farther be in harmony was connected western area cooperates, strengthened western communicate with the eastpart part, collaboration with world economy.

   2, China western the brilliant course that international exposition has taken.

China western international exposition supports energetically from what ministries and commissions has to concern to the country at the beginning of establishing, the State Council western development does, Chinese trade closes to meeting, whole nation external government of people of province of cooperation of supply and marketing of business association of friendship association, whole nation, whole nation, Sichuan is sponsorred. China western international exposition from beginning to end around move " international " , " western " , " read extensively " 3 centre of gravity develop enterprising, its dimensions, class and consequence year after year increase, got a country (condition) outside the extensive self-identity with home.
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