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National interpreter serves translation quality demand
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National interpreter serves translation quality demand

National interpreter serves translation quality demand
Level of state of People's Republic of China
GB/T 19682 - 2005
The interpreter serves translation quality demand
Target Text Quality Requirements For Translation Services
2005-03-24 releases 2005-09-01 to carry out
Quality of nation of People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau
GB turns administrative committee

The interpreter serves translation quality demand
1 limits
Assess of quality of the basic requirement that this standard set to the interpreter serves translation quality, special requirement, other requirement, translation and detect the method.
This standard applies to written translation service.
Citation of 2 compasses plasticity
The clause in following file makes the provision of this standard through the adduction of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally.
GB/T 19363.1 - 2003 interpreters serve a standard the 1st part: Written translation
GB/T 19000 - foundation of system of 2000 quality management and term (Idt ISO 9000:2000)
3 term and definition
Following term and definition apply to this standard.
Crucial sentence paragraph of Key Sentence
The had decision effect correctly sentence to translation understands and using a result is stated.
Note: Crucial sentence paragraph include to be opposite concept, principle, basis, causal those who wait is decisive the combination of stated single sentence or sentence.
Key word word Key Word
The produced immediate effect correctly word word that understand to translation and uses a result.
Note: Key word word can be a character, also can be number and important sign.
Semantic accident Semantic Error
As a result of the mistake to textual understanding, cause the error that translation states.
Note: Semantic accident can be logical error, concept accident, technology accident.
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