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International conference compatriots is become Buddhist monastic discipline 7 ki
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International conference

Compatriots is become Buddhist monastic discipline 7 kinds indelicate

(international pioneer gazette is stationed in Athenian reporter Liang Yeqian)

Recently more than 10 years, chinese official, entrepreneur and scholar appear often on conference of international of large high end. Needing those who remind Chinese honored guest attending the meeting is, those who attend international conference to have a few established by usage is formal with regulation, can be thought otherwise discourteous and ungracious.

Some earlier year, the Chinese is not quite exquisite to this, had had in recent years improve apparently. But like still partial personage resembles Chinese tourist, withhold a few indelicate " characteristic " , in becoming western media to report, contain sneer at floret garrulous of the gender. Of course, the foreigner also has cloddish and discourteous, but we cannot say accordingly indelicate " characteristic " be worth to hold to. Vie downward, do not have a bottom line, can become more and more cloddish only. Overall say, go up to the conference is paid attention to formally, chinese government is curule good at local official and entrepreneur; Diplomat, outside classics trade official is good at other official; Have the sea to return setting, high-tech setting and appear on the market the entrepreneur of company setting is good at other entrepreneur.

As the reporter, the chance that I attend international meeting is not little, it is the mistake that the Chinese brethren that formal common sense and I see a few meetings often makes below:

Common sense one: Punctual reach an assembly room, appoint seat or area take a seat by what take an assembly room.

Accident: Grab sit in front of, or retreat house back row, the assembly room intermediate put apart is blank, give the conference host painstakingly it seems that embarrassed.

Common sense 2: After formal meeting begins, avoid conference of frequent pass in and out as far as possible.
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