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An excellent work is admired " the Olympic Games endows with Ode To The Olypics
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The near future by my company senior adviser, advanced interpreter participates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the work of direct interpreter is issued already publicly, choose two work to ask authority now appreciation is read.

Olympic Games ode

Ode To The Olympics

Wang Jinling is written

Make the same score interpret Meng Xianbo, high

The Christian era 2008, 29 Olympic Gameses are in Beijing. The whole world breathes for it, millions upon millions stand for a long while for it eye, outstanding and all-time. Grant Zhuang Jicheng, make Si Fu then, the ode says:

The 29Th Olympics Are Going To Be Hosted In Beijing, china In 2008. Billions Of People From All Over The World Are Holding Their Breath, attaching Great Importance And Looking Forward To This Grand Occasion. In Order To Stress Its Significance, i, hereby, compose The Ode As Follows:

Husband Olympic Games person, of contemporary Olympic Games call also. Shiyuan is Greek, gu Jin has not. Only then, rare person is honour the Wang Zhou of 10 thousand gods this, establish a division at before 776 years in order to celebrate, restrict 4 years of with one action, ground choose abstruse Lin Pi inferior, say abstruse Lin Pi inferior contest. Whenever its are in charge of, body Le Wenjie has, last a period of time 16 days. The winner folds Gui Gan Lan, carve stone carving image, equipment pole esteems favour. Its common is continuous 1000 carry, only then fill decline eventually, stop at the Christian era 394 years. This is ancient Olympic Games, the department is rare country the match of one ground also. Today Olympic Games, only then from 1896, already all previous hundred years. It is first, legal person Gu Bai dawns, initiate answer Olympic Games. Magpie of the person that answer rises, meet Paris, definitely Xi Xi abstruse renown, 4 carry rotate, easy and row. Friendship of aim an administrative unit in Xizang, banner sinceres 5 annulus, contain 5 continent the meeting that moves in all also. Then, the ground does not divide Europe, inferior, blame, bay, person not choose is black, white, palm, yellow, can person associate with, 10 thousand countries one beat a drum. More add humanitarian engraft, lucky choose content, emblem ask forring is chosen, holy fire is delivered, open shut art act, win victory raises flag, every this shows be apt to to contend for Rong Zhiju, reach the limit of there's no one who doesn't or isn't. Hereat, go to magically with the person that surpass, if each Sai Shegui jumps over do one's best of dragon door, skill; Everybody admire picks cabinet of Jin Shideng Lin, go all out in work why cherish remnant brave? Shabby bid is new, record those who do not have the limit to say; Yesterday is to be not today, wang Zhe is fugacious year old coronal. Attack heart shake soul, contest person pant, yao of Yao of the person that watch, the world does it dump, the world does it mad, satisfy Cheng Huanyu's unparalleled grand sight also.
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