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Forum of investment climate of the 5th China will be held in Chengdu 2007!
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On September 20, 2007 on Thursday

Forum of investment climate of the 5th China will be held in Chengdu 2007!

Chengdu connects interpret to translate a company to accept the commission of concerned branch to handling material of early days character, when congress is held we meet will outstanding interpreter work is announced in company forum communicate in order to offer each colleague.

In disorder of current interpreter market the form of mud and sand are carried along-there is mingling of good and bad falls, our Chengdu connects interpret to translate a company to hold to high-quality goods course from beginning to end, we have reason to believe time can show everything, the market can show everything. A lot of irresponsible translator perhaps translate an orgnaization covet at the moment Xiaoli of small as the head of a fly, a way that has dig one's own grave so finally only can go.

According to " Chengdu business signs up for " report, included expert of bank of nobel prize gainer, world and mayor of a few cities in November 2007 inside hundreds honored guest will gather Chengdu, 2007 on forum of investment climate of the 5th China in all word city investment climate. At the appointed time, world bank will be released " findings report of Chinese city investment climate " and " case of investment climate of the Chengdu City analyses a report " .

This forum believes hair of breath center, country to change by bank of government of the Chengdu City, world, country appoint conduct propaganda of ministry of natural resources of international collaboration center, land teachs a center to be sponsorred jointly. Forum general with urban and rural give priority to a problem with governmental innovation as a whole, discuss the concern between innovation of investment climate improvement, government and Chinese city competition ability, the experience that promotes domestic and international city is shared and policy speaks. National hair changes appoint, the leader of ministries and commissions such as ministry of ministry of land natural resources, the Ministry of finance, construction will attend forum intercurrent watch makes a speech.

"On forum, world bank will announce an analysis about investment climate of the Chengdu City formally to report, circumstance of the investment climate that reveals Chengdu in the round to the world, capital attraction. " world bank tells a reporter about chief, forum basically will undertake delibrate around 3 sides issue, "Include how to change investment climate of the Chengdu City, how to undertake the governmental innovation, plasticity that enhances investment climate is reached both the correlation between " .
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