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Little knowledge about contest of world electron athletics (WCG)
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Little knowledge About contest of world electron athletics (WCG)

WCGIt is the whole world the first " game Cultural Festival " , aim the game culture of advocate health, promote the development of global electron athletics. From2000Year arrive2003Year, WCGTotal final undertakes in Korea, 2004Year, WCGTotal final walks out of Korea first, in American san Francisco city is held. Subsequently, xi Yatu of the Meng Za of the Singapore city of Singapore, Italy, United States is become in succession2005Year ~2007Year total final holds the ground. It is only2007Year total final, the whole world has more than240010 thousand audiences are online watch. This yearWCGGlobal total final will at11Month5Day8Day is held in German division grand.

WCG 2008Project of total final match

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