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Invite applications for a job
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On April 2, 2008On Wednesday

Congress of invite applications for a job is translated!

Chengdu connects interpret to translate a company to be negotiated by international software meeting, western the commission of international exposition organizing committee, the simultaneous interpretation of responsible congress, congress passes interpret, speak or sing alternately to negotiate alternately, VIP of forum interpreter, leader is interviewed wait for important interpreter job, face social invite applications for a job now personnel of advanced oral interpretation (pluralistic) , main language includes Italian of spanish of English French German, intended person ask deliver Chinese resume to arrive Tyzhaopin@126.com, according to individual circumstance, my company offers similar work and practice opportunity for a long time.

Requirement: Zhu Qie of Yu of Qiang of exuviate of excrement of  of earnest of male cochlea of ǖ of Xing Huan of smile of Di of ぷ of backbone of what of Lei of Mo of core  Bin touchs? has good professional morality. The person that have experience of foreign study job, large oral interpretation is please in resume make clear.