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End of this month of club of fan of the interpreter that connect interpret holds
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Chengdu connects interpret to translate fan club end of this month to will hold water formally, will hold at the appointed time establish a ceremony grandly, greeting lover member attends!

Club of fan of the interpreter that connect interpret is Chengdu to translate lover, interpreter worker is mixed first the communication that interpreter profession personnel builds, study and the platform that share experience and success. Be subject to the Chengdu City to connect interpret to translate limited company, hold water formally in June 2008.

Found the purpose is to be a society to also be him interpret choose and education are outstanding talent. The career a home to return to that connects interpret is sincere letter deal with concrete matters relating to work the concept connecting interpret of dedicated profession blends in interpreter profession education, will deep business experience and the mature thought alms giving that hold industry market at the person, groom as the interpreter that connect interpret the interpreter fan club of strategic forward position, it is the substantial of the career that connect interpret.

The club is inducted have good foreign language base, have deep love for an interpreter profession, have a dream and know dependable enterprising, get used to commerce to run the member with regular profession good morality, enjoy preferential get the interpreter grooms translating information of industry obtain employment, preferential understanding course and preferential the opportunity that communicates with instructor of industry expert scholar, foreign nationality or star dragoman. Club activity rich and colorful, be full of humanitarian consideration, the form basically has an interpreter lecture of show of lover salon, interpreter, theme, read meeting and outdoors activity.

The detail examines this website interpreter to groom please the column is relevant information.

Near future activity is prepared in, pay close attention to please!

Pay close attention to please!