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Comment: "Stenography " misdirect oral interpretation carries out education!
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Nowadays society is genteel of travel alleged " stenography " , it is a kind of method that weaves source language similar code record comes down only, in going up to be operated in oral interpretation actually not applicable. Oral interpretation operation needs quick response and expression, setting of a lot of oral interpretation does not have note requirement, although be being passed together,note can be marked in the room, but not be patient of records encode - the time of decipher, understand - understanding - interpreter - the course that organizes expression more in be about to finish at the same time. Connect interpret to disapprove of will " stenography " groom as oral interpretation one of course are opened technically, it changed oral interpretation to train itself infirmly. Learn in fact alleged " stenography " the person can not make oral interpretation!

Apparent, study masses got " stenography " the serious misdirect of education. Think the method that acquired place of one ferrule punctuate can do an interpreter, can you take an examination of CATTI? CATTI is not the test of level of pure foreign language such as 46 class, the professional mastery of a skill or technique that uses foreign language category however makes an on-the-spot investigation. The oral interpretation that connect interpret grooms course won't have similar " stenography " formulary course, meet a professor operate useful method actually to oral interpretation only.

Make oral interpretation, memorial training is very important; 80% need use source language cerebrum memory, the condition allows or level trains in study, just assist quick a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches with a few symbols. Oral interpretation carries out seasoned interpret example instructor to include expert of oral interpretation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can share oneself method and student only, the reflects individual style record that guides student to form his to be able to control in a large number of training and memorial method.

Oral interpretation needs difficult training, the nimble sex that raises thinking in a large number of exercises and the potential energy that develop area of the language in cerebrum, do not imagine have the aid of an off-the-peg formula can make oral interpretation staff.