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Airport English interpreter gets good China oh
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On May 9, 2008On Friday

Airport English interpreter gets good China oh

Chengdu trade the press carried Chengdu today double the English label problem that sorts an International Airport, from the point of reportorial circumstance, the situation is very grim, it is the partial content that reprints business newspaper below.

Yesterday of Liu Xi of executive trustee of triumphant heart guild hall leads a group " civilized 3 people go " , make an on-the-spot investigation double shed airport caution language to set a condition

"Prohibit pet is entered inside, english interpreter should be ' No Pets Allowed ' , how to become ' Strictly

Forbidden The Pet Into The Inside ' ? " yesterday " civilized 3 people go " , young sea puts in guild hall of personage, triumphant heart 's charge to carry out trustee Liu Xi and two citizens are represented one case, drive toward on a special trip double shed an International Airport, inspect airport caution language to set a condition. Is English translated how a lot of be Chinese type? "Since be an International Airport, should conform with international as far as possible. " Liu Xi and two citizens delegate just take first floor " home arrives " exit, together " forbidden pet is entered inside " the attention that caution card aroused 3 people. This caution card is Chinese and English bilingual, the English above is " Strictly Forbidden The Pet Into The Inside " . "This is Chinese type interpreter completely. " Liu Xi lived in the United States old, often also use English in the job. He says, this is the Chinese character above many a interpret became English completely, grammar and logic are illogical. Be in abroad, "Prohibit pet is entered inside " general use is " No Pets " or " No Pets Allowed " , it is important to regard as serve the window external, double this mistake that sheds the airport to commit is a bit unusual. English interpreter, those who type of how many China there is to return? 3 civilized observer discovered two errors again on the electronic screen of the airport. "Sichuan Chongqing sets out " , english interpreter is " SiChuan ChongQing, departues " , liu Xi says, spelling mistake of the last word, should be " Departures " . Nevertheless, more those who let civilized observer find both funny and annoying is, "Chengdu airport welcomes you " this one simple greeting words, was become by the interpreter " Chengdu Airport To Welcome You " . "How to translate again, also should be ' Chengdu Airport Welcomes You ' or ' Welcome To Chengdu Airport ' . " Liu dawn forced smile is worn say, this kind of mistake is honest some are unusual, after all the first class that complimentary language is English study. Double what feeling can the partial English translation that circulates an International Airport looks in the foreigner be? In Chengdu life old American river Nan says, "Forbidden pet is entered inside " do not have really " Strictly Forbidden The Pet Into The Inside " interpreter law, most meeting is translated into " Pets Strictly Forbidden " . And English also never " Chengdu Airport To Welcome You " this kind of view. As an American, he sees such English, although know what meaning, but can feel non-standard, can feel English did not learn from good examples.
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