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Connect interpret - style of practice school teacher and student!
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Grooming we discover many student are right in the process interpreter skill or deviation of working existence understanding, this is the distress of an industry and generation person. The interpreter business that knows interpret 10 years is the delegate that carries out a clique, it is unscientific that the inertial thinking that sends heavy academic light practice with the institute goes measuring judge. Inevitably, also have was used to an institute to engraft the person that type teachs, incommensurate active acknowledge, method acknowledge and thinking train, abandon devoting into practice, in returning system of the tower of ivory finally, sink into. Practice gives genuine knowledge, carry out examining alleged research achievement without the course, although can the system has the beautiful appearance of frame, but why to develop interpreter person with ability? Nowadays society theres is no lack of Great Master of the egghead of tall record of formal schooling, research, those who lack is to be able to do written translation and the business personnel that make oral interpretation!

Did not translate the CATTI certificate of solid Wu skill, unit of choose and employ persons won't be approbated. The exercise of a large number of much angle, impart in the exercise skill, those who award with fishing, share experience, guide a profession, it is the education that connect interpret the methodological place of practical talent.