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Translation is not only ridiculous level of questions
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Recent visitors to post in the forum, said: "When I found the Wild Goose Pagoda was translated wild goose tower National Cheng Kung University, almost get on the ground laughing." The tourist reflect the situation in the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda was confirmed on a nearby road signs, wild geese Tower is also the official website of this translation.

The world famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda was translated to "big wild goose pagoda", and then translated back to become a "big wild goose tower", this example seems not uncommon, as is building the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, will "park" park into an the "pork" pork. People who saw the train, "Guiyang" was translated into "The expensive sun" or "high sun", "Police Wind" has been translated into "police breeze" or "police breeze," and so, this kind of Chinese people to see do not know, foreigners do not understand Chinese English, openly or in the famous scenic train coming and going, it is awkward and helpless.

Can be translated into simple English so startled, ZZZZZZZZZ, I am afraid, not just an English language level or quality of personnel issues, at least we should be able to work attitude, rigorous questioning and other aspects, because such a mistake, for a little sense of responsibility for people who are Xiufen endless, and the face of the incredible fallacy, our managers do not know what to think? Can not imagine, the huge ancient capital of Xi'an, can not find an English person to have some understanding of the preparation or review of these will be displayed in a large crowd under the sign? Bu Zhiyu our poor quality of personnel so off it!

Superficial understanding, the translation of the words too literally, not only laughable, and even the image window will be denied completely. The face of this Chinese-style English, I may only heartfelt admiration, but also an back to a similar Chinese English: I served YOU! Wuhan Han-staff