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Translator Blue Ren Zhe: Lu Xun as a warning to the Chinese translation circle
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"Fifth Lu Xun has been published, literary translation prize vacancies. This is very a pity. But for the Chinese translation circles, it is important and useful warning." Famous translators, this translation of Lu Xun Literature Award Final Review Commission received 23 blue Renzhe Xinhua News Agency reporters Dian Hua and Cai Fangshi say so. Blue Ren Zhe, said Lu Xun public attention to literary translation into the award, is the cause of the importance of literary translation. From initial evaluation to the final assessment, by the well-known translator and literary translation prize consisting of experts carefully to all the judges recommended works were repeatedly reviewed the original. However, the result difficult as expected. "The most common problem is that many are not appropriate translation of the expression, is not accurate, there should not have missed a lot of translation; Zebian generally not careful translation of the school, leaving a considerable number of large and small, there should be no obvious mistakes. We should not have judges ignore these errors if its grant awards, will affect the prestige of Lu Xun. " Lan Renzhe pointed out that the Lu Xun awards of problems, a reflection of China's publishing industry, the existing translation community deep worries, must be given. "The first is a commercial operation on the book market. All these years, publishing translations in order to seize the market as soon as possible in the organization of topics, invited the author, the translator of the time, and time is too hasty, widespread looting translation, translation of the phenomenon of catch . Editor burdened with heavy editing each task, the prevalence of editing the original manuscript does not control the phenomenon, not only failed to provide views and opinions, and even omissions, translation not allowed, common sense can not correct the errors. " "Another problem is more serious. As appropriate to the status of literary translation has not been established, translated literature in China has been regarded as accessories, plus the low remuneration of literary translation, which affected the formation of the ranks of literary translation. Today, the old translation gradually withdraw from family line, our translation team lean, good and bad, seriously affecting the level of literary translation in China. triennial Lu Xun, not a perfect assessment of excellent translations, that is the signal. If you do not attach importance to translation team construction, then the quality of literary translation in China can not be guaranteed, and will continue to decline. " The seventy years has been to translate Sol Campbell, renowned works of William Faulkner's literary translator, has always believed that literature in translation, editing and proofreading is very hard, very serious business. He said that today, embarking on the translation, he is still cautious, refined over and over again. "Literary translation is no doubt at the highest level. In the past Why can produce outstanding works of literary translation, because the older generation of Chinese translators not only have strong foreign language and Chinese language skills, but also has a rich cultural accumulation and various aspects of literacy. Literary Translation not the transmission of messages, 依葫芦画瓢 the copy, not two Halfmoon deadlines set for production. outstanding literary works is the language of the wonderful work, life experience, wisdom. Literary translation is a delicate art, hurry conversion in the language, culture, transplantation, the profound implication is difficult to save the original, literary and aesthetic characteristics. and once lost the original charm and fragrance, there may be reduced to the original translation poor or low-cost alternative to derivatives. " Blue Renzhe Xi Wang young translators from this selection results in Lu Xun's inspiration, literary translation clearly see the difficult and long road of learning created by the previous study, and rigorous practical translation of the wind. Although the Chinese translation industry, the publishing industry there is the worry, however, blue Renzhe Professor of Chinese Literature Translation career prospects, optimistic attitude. "Gradually marginalized in the literature today, there are still significant numbers of China's annual foreign literary works were introduced, suggesting that, in the open, pluralistic society, China is willing to share holding the paper's readers enjoy a lot of people of foreign literature. A reader market niche, it has continued to literary translation, literary translation quality of the transfer. as long as the translation of foreign literature and publishing industry interface on the current difficulties of literary translation, reflect upon and work together to take effective action, we can out of the literature translation of the crisis, ushered in the spring of literary translation. I sincerely hope that the next Lu Xun, to the birth of the best, represent the level of outstanding works of literary translation. "