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LI high school students outside the translated works published
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August 30, the China division for a third year middle school student Li Honghu membership outside the translation of the "Law of Attraction: the acquisition of wealth, health and success of the thinking principle," a book published by the China Development Press. Department of the book author, founder of the famous campaign of new ideas, one writer on the success the United States Wallace Wattles (1860-1911). The new ideas he advocated exercise, not only changed the fate of countless ordinary people, but also created a number of prominent business giants and success guru. This book focuses on the "people might change their thinking and through the openness of mind and ultimately change their behavior and life" point of view. Translation in three chapters, about 20 million words, to preserve the original characteristics of passionate writing, and thinking of thinking characteristic of spark frequency is, tell the reader in the "Law of Attraction - An ancient times to the great secret" at the same time, people from outside to inside felt a strong attraction, and the help of this power to acquire wealth, happiness and success in life.