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Press conference of Han Mei head: Beautiful square interpreter makes mistake tim
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In report will occupy new network on November 18 Korea " central daily " report, on the news conference after head of 17 days of beautiful Han talks, because beautiful square interpreter makes mistake time and again, the footing that once made the person feels beautiful to just go up in Korea nucleus problem by accident for a time appears become loose. Korea government must try to correct subsequently.

Ask about when American reporter " before whether the United States prepares to abandon a nucleus in Korea, offer first assist " when, cloth assorted answer says: "We discuss the issue that studies light-water reactor in opportune opportune moment, " he reiterated the United States square consistent position. Nevertheless, when American dragoman is translating however mistranslate becomes: "We will offer light-water reactor in opportune opportune moment. " will " problem of research light-water reactor " became " offer light-water reactor " .

In addition, this beautiful square dragoman still says Bush's president " delicacy of hold office at court allows to check, abandon its after nuke is mixed or assess delimits " the interpreter is become " after abandoning assess delimiting " . The mistranslate of beautiful square interpreter was brought about for a time " American footing becomes agile " misunderstanding. (Zhang Tian / elegant dragon)