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Urumqi translates company interpret fault 4 words pour compensate 30 thousand yu
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Dispatch of day hill net (Zhao Lijun of reporter Shen Haiyan's reporter) absolutely of some translation firm did not think of the Urumqi city of strong start business, in brushstroke business, the propagandist material interpreter because of will entrusting an unit became wrong 4 words, the result is decided to compensate for more than yuan 30 thousand by the court. This will be on November 17 reporter Cong Tianshan division people court learns.

This year in June, urumqi city northwest is rich will be versed in trade limited company (next weighing that northwest is rich come to a company) to extend business, wait for range of the company brief introduction of the company, product Chinese character content, hand in at firm of Urumqi city some translation to undertake English, Russian is translated. On August 29, northwest is rich the manuscript with come to a company use an interpreter good made billboard of inside and outside of many propagandist an album of paintings, placard, foldout, room wait. After who thinks of everything publicizes the job to had been done, northwest is rich come to a company discover however, in products of all foreign language conduct propaganda that already had made, some translation firm unexpectedly this company name medium " rich come " , russian interpreter is " come rich " (transliteration) , firm address content is originally " golden Hao big public house " , english interpreter is Mianmahotel (transliteration is " linen-cotton hotel " ) .

After be informed this matter, northwest is rich come to a company must cancel original conduct propaganda to plan, jiang Mou translates a company to appeal to to the court, the requirement is divided outside returning paid-up to translate cost, and 30 thousand Yu Yuan's pecuniary loss and reputation loss expend claim for compensation.

In front courtyard careful, argue of this Urumqi city translation firm says, the country translates quality standard to allow the existence that certain accident leads. Because both sides did not conclude,translate a contract writtenly, also did not have extraordinary agreement to translating quality standard, northwest is rich come to a company what narrate accident, indemonstrable this company makes break a promise, reject to compensate for so.

Recently, the day thinks after cognizance of court of a mountainous area people, company name is consumer, society the public identifying, principal understanding content that knows a business, firm of black city some translation is northwest rich in coming to a company offer the course that translates a service, its below textual and true condition company name translates a mistake, the propaganda paterial that brings about this company place to make cannot be used. The accident of this kind of ordinal reverse cannot consider as an interpreter the logical error of worker, belong to the error in the job. Reason court decision translates a company this to return northwest rich come to a company translate cost 516 yuan, recoup the cost of raw materials, cost that make each loss adds up to 30400.95 yuan.
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