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Stakeholder: Sino-US between the most sensitive most the translation problem of
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[content abstract] on September 21, 2005, zun Like of American deputy Secretary of State publishs policy to deliver a speech, "The Stakeholder that one becomes to bear the blame in the requirement " . The issue that places before the Chinese now is: What is Stakeholder? On December 7, 2005 the United States " wall street daily " the report that publishs this to sign up for a reporter to give out in one edition " a word that cannot translate makes Beijing bemused " , discussed Stakeholder technically the Chinese of this word translates a problem, still added a table, listed and Sino-US both sides is right a few kinds of possible interpreter methods of this word.

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In international finance the organization works, should use Stakeholder everyday almost this word. For instance investment builds a power plant, loan just is Stakeholder, loan just is Stakeholder, assuring just is Stakeholder, owner is Stakeholder, project executive unit is Stakeholder, sufferring what the project affects to tear open change door is Stakeholder, organization of the organization of blame government environmental protection that still has all sorts of items, protection of benefit of aid civil rights is Stakeholder etc. Because use this word every day, its meaning tacit, had not thought how Chinese should be translated painstakingly. Actually the person of country of other blame English, for instance Japanese, French also does not know how to use native language well and truly to translate Stakeholder this word.

But a problem that China faces national capital of a Japan, law to was not encountered now. On September 21, 2005, zunli overcame American deputy Secretary of State to publish a problem to be in committee of whole nation of the relation in new York beauty " Chinese where goes: Arrive from the member responsibility " (Whither China: From Membership To Responsibility? ) (Http://www.ncuscr.org/articlesandspeeches/Zoellick.htm) policy delivers a speech, representing the formal address that American government publishs with respect to Sino-US relation. A word that new idea has most in the speech is: We Need To Urge China To Become A Responsible Stakeholder In The International System (we should become a Stakeholder that bear the blame in the requirement) . When Zun Like speaks mention this word 7 times early or late, this word appears first in manuscript when, still emphasize in order to show with the means italics of Responsible Stakeholder English designedly. The issue that places before the Chinese now is: Should make clear American should let China do how " the Stakeholder that bear the blame " , what that should translate well and truly first is Stakeholder. Stakeholder this entirely reads aloud, be in China and not commonly used. If check foreign language education and research press 2002 of edition " Oxford is pocket and English-Chinese double solution dictionary " , the means of Stakeholder " the custodian that bet gold " , this is the meaning with original Stakeholder actually. The Positaire of word D é in French also is similar " custodial " meaning. If look up the dictionary on Japanese net (Japanese-English Dictionary Interface) , it is to the interpreter of Stakeholder in Japanese [terrible 関 係 person] [] of ゃ of し of い of け of ん of か of り が い , should say to compare the meaning of the Stakeholder in be close to Zun Like to speak. In fact, the government that the United States just captures the Stakeholder in the speech to Zunli is translated even if " the participator related the interest " . After Zun Like speaks, concerned unit of home, learned man is right also this interpreter that the word made a variety of differring mixes Stakeholder unscramble, include " the collective participator that interest remote closes " , " collective operator " , " share person " , " copartner " etc, but the standard interpreter that still approbates without the government. This new word that Chinese respect uses to the United States returns heart impeach Lv, clinton regarded Partner as China in the past, very easy interpreter is become " companionate " relation. But what meaning is Stakeholder? Collect of king of expert of problem of prexy of relation of international of Beijing University of China of no less than, United States thinks of place to say: "The United States of a place that this kind of view has to be worth vigilance hopes China becomes a Stakeholder that bear the blame, but, does the United States regard him as an as equal as Chinese position Stakeholder? Is whole still stock market whole perhaps the old boss of gambling house? Very apparent United States is latter. American actual strength should be gotten greatly than China much, the United States does not regard him as the Stakeholder with Chinese be on an equal footing apparently, american overcomes inherent advantage psychology without method " (Http://news.xinhuanet.com/world/2005-11/11/content_3765609.htm) .
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