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Special interview France is stationed in China diplomatic mission is chief inter
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Xinhua net Paris on December 7 special telegram (reporter Jiang Zhenni) the TV press that watchs this Premier Wen Jiabao to seek a way, attentive audience can discover often accompanying what hold the position of an interpreter beside Chinese premier is a handsome foreign lad. He is ups and downs, a 100 percent French, have however very Chinese name of philosophy.

Ups and downs began to be in university of French east language to learn Chinese 1981, after undergraduate course graduates, in France army enlists in army one year, the French company that went to a China next works. After a year, ups and downs returns Paris, preparative Paris is advanced the matriculation that translates an institute, final be fastened to admit by the simultaneous interpretation of this school with outstanding achievement.

"Paris is advanced exam of choose of interpreter school enter a school is extremely strict, the person that can take diploma to graduate smoothly is more very few, "Ups and downs says, "Two years when turn over study high in Paris, my Chinese level got very big rise, mastered the knowledge that makes an interpreter and skill " .

French Paris is advanced the can award master's degree interpreter institute that interpreter institute is French can be counted on one's fingers, xiu Manxue is divided and achievement eligible can be awarded the interpreter master's degree with accepted whole world by its. This institute was U.N. , European Union and the governmental orgnaization of each countries to foster large quantities of professional interpreters, it is the world translates an institute top classly.

After turning over graduation high from Paris, the person that ups and downs made free profession of 10 years, because its translate a level excellently, be taken a fancy to by French Ministry of finance finally and employ, became official of a France. 1999, he is stationed in toward France by the clique China diplomatic mission commerical department works.

Current, the official post of ups and downs is France is stationed in China diplomatic mission is chief interpreter, hold diplomatic mission part-time interpreter room director and external the important post of contact department head.

The professional career that is in Beijing 6 years, make ups and downs organic can hold the position of an interpreter for numerous Sino-French leader, include Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu 镕ji and Xilake, Deweierpan to wait. He once still was Jiang Wen, revive the famous person of Sino-French and literary group such as Fei Masuo holds the position of an interpreter.

Profession of more than 20 years is translated, especially diplomatic interpreter, let ups and downs there is name quite in Sino-French diplomacy bound and interpreter academia, the personage inside course of study is accurate to the evaluation of his interpreter, suitable amount to, reaction is alert and resourceful. Pull wires of Sino-French to this ups and downs says he just is modestly communication builds the bridge, the hope can help people communicate better in the job henceforth.
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