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Channel of xinhua net Tianjin on December 11 report 10 days morning, the courtyard outside Tianjin held invite applications for a job of 2006 graduate campus to meet, share unit of person of more than 100 family expenses to enter meeting invite applications for a job. Can go up in invite applications for a job of 10 days, appeared the phenomenon that post of small language demand is more than graduate number. In the hand with the small language graduate major such as Japanese, Han Yu, French mostly " grasp " move of several units " invite " , this is in liberal art kind still do not see more in graduate. Additional, invite applications for a job meets the graduate of a few colleges that holds in Tianjin town near future on, talent of high administrative levels of foreign language major demands exceeds supply.

The reporter understands in the spot, the unit of choose and employ persons that has demand of small language talent is valued quite have level of taller mouth written translation already, have the graduate that crosses culture intercourse ability again, a lot of units often are opposite at the same time such graduate " cast an a ball made of strips of silk " . Department of student of the courtyard outside occupying says about chief, as a result of these year will in Tianjin investment build factory and establish handle affairs the foreign capital company of the orgnaization grows quickly, especially enterprise of day endowment, Han endowment is increasing, the demand to small language professional also year after year increases. In recent years outside the rate of small language obtain employment of the courtyard is adjacent 100% , the obtain employment rate of Japanese, Han Yu, Russian was achieved 100% . To make small language graduate more the demand of choose and employ persons that accords with an unit, during the student is learning, the school offerred the opportunity that works to foreign enterprise exercitation to them, a few large matches that still organize a student to attend this city, external affairs recieves an activity to wait, the language that raises them uses capacity. Additional, at present outside the student of the small language major such as the day of the courtyard, Han, law, Russia can attend " 3 1 " , " 2 2 " formal study, the mother tongue nation that builds a language to place studies abroad, aggrandizement the language trains, can experience this country personally culture, increased experience.

According to statistic, it is not only outside courtyard, in last few years south graduate obtain employment leads the Japanese major that opens college of university, Tianjin grain industry very tall also, in liberal art kind the be among the best of candidates in major. Rate of unripe obtain employment of graduation of small language major is high, appear the phenomenon that demand exceeds supply, because the addition of foreign capital enterprise and graduate number are relative,be not only less, because media of office of a few states, bank, news, press, travel agent, school, major translates a company to wait now,return, also began to have many demand to small language professional. In the near future a few invite applications for a job are met on, the reporter discovers this city the state-owend enterprise course of study such as day, Han, law, heart, Spain or its are stationed in ferry delegate place to all be opposite demand of small language talent is very big, even flower beauty business also the need as a result of trade dealings, invite applications for a job is relevant small language talent. Tourist guide of small language of invite applications for a job of a few travel agent, reporter of editor of small language of invite applications for a job of news media, press, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, teacher of small language of school invite applications for a job waits to also was graduate of small language major to provide space of larger choose course of study. And the salary standard of small language graduate is relative also prep above is a few otherer liberal art kind professional, lowest can take 2000 yuan or so.
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