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The person of card of interpreter of Guangzhou pass an entrance examination is v
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Space of Guangzhou interpreter market is very large

China of southern net dispatch translates the data that association provides to show, at present completely state-owned profession translates 40 thousand much person, from course of study personnel exceeds 500 thousand related, professional translation firm many 3000. On the market with multiform the person that is engaged in translating the job is very much, but have the level, interpreter that has sufferred professional training truly the talent is very few, gao Shuiping's interpreter holds sum total only about 5% fewer even, can be competent the professional of task of international conference oral interpretation is fewer, and main concentration is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to wait for big city.

Concerned expert points out, space of Chinese interpreter market is very large, but existence quality cannot assure, market price case does not have a variety of non-standard problems such as foreword, these have great concern not high with the integral quality that translates a talent.

Card of qualification of Guangzhou some interpreter grooms the center makes a teacher point out, shanghai had 100 thousand much person to enter oneself for an examination last year the interpreter card of national level, attend groomed interpreter talent to also have 339 people.

Compare with this photograph, guangzhou market appears quite miserable and shabby, number signing up is very few can count. Made a teacher selective examination randomly the student that some college translates professional class 3 times, discover a lot of students do not understand the issue that translates card, also do not know its value. Among them, only 3 individual reluctance competency translate the job, more students need take a refresher course.

Hall of the human affairs that occupy a province discloses about the official, guangdong interpreter handsome appearance is rare be short of, need even the activity to be satisfied hard even, more and more international exhibition are opposite Guangdong the demand of talent of oral interpretation written translation is bigger and bigger.

About the expert the analysis points out, the interpreter talent of each Guangzhou administrative levels is at present more in short supply. Although the interpreter talent demand of high administrative levels is not big, but corresponding advanced interpreter talent also searchs harder relatively; The interpreter talent of low administrative levels although the amount is huge, but the hillock digit of need is not little also, arrived especially 2010 when the Asia Game, the demand that translates a talent to low administrative levels will increase further; The interpreter talented person that does a part-time job is more, bring about when having need however can find no way out.

"Those who translate a talent is in short supply, be short of not only go up in the amount, more be short of go up in quality. Besides, the interpreter market of rapid development needs large quantities of major to translate a talent, need interpreter home of Gao Shuiping more, this provided vast development space to translate a talent. This provided vast development space to translate a talent..
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