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" capital smoke cloud " 70 years version shedding changes, duff translates gloom
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It is reported, " capital smoke cloud " origianl work name is " Moment In Peking " , it is Lin Yutang went to what reside abroad France and American Shi Yongying article write 1938 during 1939, so, " Moment In Peking " ever had had many translator to be translated into many version " capital smoke cloud " and " twinking capital " .

At the beginning of 1938, lin Yutang plans will " red Lou Meng " translate Introduction Cheng Yingwen to give the west the reader, but feel again " red Lou Meng " distance reality lives too far, decide creation mirrors the novel that Chinese reality lives originally then. 1939, " Moment In Peking " publish in the United States, sub-title is " a novel about contemporary China " , whole book 700 thousand word, divide 3, in all 45. After publishing only time of half an year, sell gave 50 thousand, by " times " weekly praise for " make the classic work about reality of contemporary China society extremely likely " .

" Moment In Peking " after publishing, lin Yutang is about to become its interpret Chinese. Lin Yutang thinks gloomy amounts to a husband " English essence, chinese is ripe, often hereat, the Europeanize sentence that amounts to husband character not to have active false fashionable " , it is home of interpreter of the optimal in his memory. 1940, lin Yutang sends a letter to give the Yu Dafu that is in southern Asia at that time, ask him to translate this book. Mix seriously to express sincerity, sent 500 dollars technically to regard an interpreter as deposit to Yu Dafu from the United States. At that time, yu Dafu devotes into war of resistance against aggression, start work translated one part to be in " overseas Chinese weekly " on serialize. After this, yu Dafu is in Sumatra be murdered, the interpreter becomes last wish eventually originally completely.

1941, " Moment In Peking " appeared the first complete translation. According to Zhao Yi judge " Lin Yutang and nobel prize " one article says, its title is " twinking capital " . The beautiful jade that well-known poet impetuouses ever praised its caption " narrow narrow flatly, tonetic and wonderful " . But Lin Yutang is grouchy however, state in the newspaper designedly, "Persuade domestic writer to be not translated easily " .

1977, press of Taiwan De Hua rolled out Zhang Zhenyu's translation, the name is " capital smoke cloud " . This translation, popular in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits old. The TV series that two sides films with this early or late, also all with " capital smoke cloud " for the problem.

1987, literary press is in Jilin times the earliest the mainland rolls out piece of translation. 1991, literary press publishs Hunan to amount to a husband by gloomy child Yu Fei accumulates result of 10 years to translate " twinking capital " . The comment thinks, this translation is faithful origianl work, accord with standard of Beijing spoken language, be close to Lin original intention basically.

Market midstream goes now " capital smoke cloud " for Zhang Zhenyu translation, publish by press of Shaanxi Normal University. Abb of tall classics of president of press of Shaanxi Normal University expresses, what this translation is Lin Yutang is female recommend one of translation.
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