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" complete works of black case Er " the interpreter plans to start
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Home the first many 20 " complete works of black case Er " predict will publish after 5 years. Yesterday, people press summons the translator that comes from countrywide each district, ceremony person guesthouse was held " complete works of black case Er " the interpreter publishs the job to start the meeting, " complete works " of Chinese edition make up appoint conference chairman is department of Beijing University philosophy Professor Zhang Shiying, the classic to Germany philosophy such as the Zhang Shen that participates in those who translate the job to include Shanghai to teach place of philosophy of Gao Xuanyang, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with aid university has the learned man of thorough research.

The translation in composing of Er of major black case fares badly

According to people press politics editor room edits director assistant Zhang Zhenming to introduce, because black Ge Erzhe learns in the west the significant position on philosophical history, our academia values the interpreter job of its philosophy composing very all the time, there are a variety of translations early to come out in period of the Republic of China, be like piece of inscription vessel " logic learns " etc. The renown translation that approbates for academia place now includes He Lin, Wang Jiu to promote an interpreter " spirit is phenomenological " , he Lin, Wang Taiqing translates " philosophical history lecture is recorded " , zhu Guangqian translates " aesthetic " wait, but besides these classical translation, the translation of the field work such as natural philosophy of black case Er, law philosophy, history philosophy, religion philosophy fares badly, be necessary to undertake retranslate so.

Nevertheless, attend the meeting for the most part make up appoint those who met a committee member show different rate to interpreter deadline of 5 years is anxious, a, element of philosophy of black case Er with obscure and difficult celebrated, especially the interpret law problem of jargon of wh some of which is extremely thorny big difficult problem more. Second, because be in unit of education of a lot of scientific research, the interpreter does not calculate in assessment achievement, translate the home besides what had retired so, make up on-the-jobly appoint the space that conference member is having project of other scientific research only makes an interpreter work.

In of low quality of level of young translator Chinese at old translator

Zhang Shiying analysed chief editor retranslate is black now the actor inferior position of case Er composing.

Inferior position depends on, at present in the Chinese level of worker of young generation interpreter compares difference of old generation intellectual generally, old gentlemen have more good Chinese strength not only, and in them that times is more exquisite literary grace.

But Zhang Shiying expresses, present in the foreign language standard of young scholar is relative for prep above old generation translates the home. Additional, the old gentlemen that translate composing of black case Er in those days are from English translation the interpreter comes over more very, and the limitation because of knowledge and times, have in translating a process delete and change, the comparison of free translation is much, optional sex is bigger. This one complete works is basic now according to Germany of press of Su Erkan general " complete works of black case Er " stylistic rules and layout undertakes an interpreter, translator will use contemporary language, faithful at textual undertake more accurate interpreter.
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