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Italian edition " without the word " the interpreter begs an interpreter hard to
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The master piece of writer Zhang Jie " without the word " spread a good news again recently -- with Italy a press that publishs belletristic work technically signed publication contract, next year Italy edition " without the word " hopeful comes out. The backside that succeeds in this however, having those who comparative is not easy -- find domestic copyright agent, every 1000 words hard the interpreter remuneration of 100 dollar cannot find appropriate interpreter staff...
The century on   since 80 time, scale of input of copyright of our country books, output wanders for a long time in left and right sides of 10 ∶ 1 . And the books of output is traditional culture respect more, like acupuncture, massage, The Book of Changes, the literary work that shows national spirit and spirit truly is little little. Increase ceaselessly in Chinese national power today, receiving the macroclimate of the Olympic Games fell 2008, we are pressing the mental view that needs to reveal a Chinese to the world, the literary work that how popularizes China to the world makes the task of an extremely urgent.
The current situation: Have care be pregnant
  care: Literary work is rare in copyright output
  news publishs total arrange copyright to manage statistical data shows, 2004, our country introduces books copyright through the press ten thousand and forty, output copyright through the press only 1314, difference wide gap, and the output that its Chinese learns work is more little little.
  crosses old Beijing publishing house to publish a group to cooperate external in foreign life, job Luo Qi of ministry copyright manager speaks of this kind of current situation also is groan. "On one hand, our output still is given priority to with these Korea, Japan countries, it is very difficult to want to enter Euramerican market; On the other hand, the sort of output changes without what for years, all the time with the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, massage, culture of geomantic, dietotherapy and tradition of other introduction China and travel kind books is given priority to, it is very difficult that literary work of China thinks. It is very difficult that literary work of China thinks..
  is on the Beijing books exposition that will conclude this year in September, all along of ministry of this group copyright recommended a variety of 160 books from the publisher of the world and copyright representative orgnaization, in 46 kinds of books that reach initial purpose finally, it is literary work originally only, namely " without the word " . "We hope more of course " without the word " can enter the mainstream country such as flower beauty, but can publish Italian article first now pretty good also. But can publish Italian article first now pretty good also..
  is planted to this the current situation, zhang Hongbo of head of department of representative of copyright of head office of China copyright representative expresses, "Go " the purpose is not the copyright that a few books, output sells a few books outside simple Xiang Hai, collaboration publish a few books, royalty that earns those a few dollars or euro, do only free, output Chinese culture however, show the figure of instantly Chinese through literary work especially, let the world understand today's Chinese what pondering over.
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