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Chinese interpret assist hold seminar achievement to will translate an unit to s
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People net Beijing on December 18 dispatch " the ongoing way that firmly holds advanced culture " , " culture has deep implant root only the soil at this nation, the root life at native people and practice, ability Yong Baoji's distinct personality and distinctive glamour " ... these is opposite for our Chinese familiar to the ear can the detailed, statement that blurt out, if want to be translated well and truly into French and do not lose original view, it is one lets many interpreter personnel feel fully really the thing that have a headache. On December 15, the Chinese interpret that holds in culture ministry assist in interpret law branch on the 7th seminar, 34 French expert and interpreter worker how accurate interpreter these at increasingly active culture diplomacy occurrence the culture in the activity is new concept, undertook serious and enthusiastic discuss.

As we have learned, undertake as this seminar bureau of the couplet outside square culture ministry referred more than 300 vocabularies, diction in order to offer delibrate, diction of these new, old vocabulary, cent is tourist attraction of travel of literary policy, Beijing, culture to be mixed integratedly Olympic Games 4 parts. The seminar provided the communication platform of an opinions differ from each other for experts, everybody makes a speech special eagerly, still can produce fireworks with respect to some learning problem sometimes. The course is discussed all day long, experts are right " the diversity of the nationality that holds to culture and world culture " , " we promote culture of world each country ' mix and differ ' " etc long sentence, difficult sentence understanding and interpreter united understanding. But experts point out at the same time, combine different language situation, certain flexible sex should allow when the interpreter.

The expert that attends this seminar and interpreter worker come from in the center of interpret of science and technology of bureau of bureau of the couplet outside compiling bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate ministry of broadcasting station of broadcast of bureau of room, China foreign language, Xinhua News Agency, China International, culture, collaboration of international of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences assist, university of Beijing foreign language, diplomacy. It is reported, each will be offerred to translate an unit to share after this delibrate achievement classics is arranged, with period outside announce is translated more standardization, the announce outside rising translates quality. This the seminar returns branch of law of the interpret in be opposite to led a member to undertake adjustment, approve broadcasting station of China International broadcast and university of Beijing foreign language to be member of unit of vice director class at the same time. A seminar will undertake by university of Beijing foreign language.

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