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Is play interpreter too difficult " art ability " let American read Japanese cul
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Group plan: " art ability " Zhang Ziyi of Kodak first show is elegant long skirt exhibits amorous feelings

Group plan: " art ability " Zhang Ziyi of exposure of newest stage photo and dress show a person

The film that Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Yang Ziqiong acts the leading role " art ability memoir " land all fronts cinema of North America mainstream today, next year in Feburary the middle ten days of a month " art ability " still will meet with Chinese inland audience. The Li of main actor consolidate of film, Zhang Ziyi also decides the part dub that acts to oneself personally. However, the Shanghai dubbed film plant that this film at present that gets attention fully gives battle-scarred however gave a difficult problem: Is translating it according to American style still reductive Japan former appearance? Should correct the Japanese culture that is read by accident by American?

Play itself interpreter is difficult

" art ability memoir " pass after examining, driving should undertake dub, this task falls on body of seasoned Shanghai dub factory. Reporter from on interpret factory learns, around of job of this film dub needs a month, it is difficult to just took a play to begin to make now, "This script is translated very hard, it is the American type understanding to Japan completely, a lot of culture exist to be read by accident inside, with respect to the problem of this interpreter we discussed very long, the interpreter's person selected also was not decided tardy. " the interpreter is big to going up common occurrence is for interpret factory, encounter this kind of Japan culture that is read by accident by American, should correct after all on actor's lines, language, how to coordinate after all, it is very troublesome issue evenly.

It is difficult that dub holds sense of property

" art ability memoir " suffer outback audience to fix eyes upon fully, the mainest reason is its since the Hollywood that a Chinese acts the leading role is big, also be the big assemble of the star of whole Asia, differ in view of the itself style of these actors, some of the style that Japan follows when dub after all or American Hollywood are big be used to covers a region, also be to go up the issue that interpret factory is discussing all the time. In film, besides Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, of other and all actor is to go up the actor of interpret factory offers reputation, in view of attention tall, subject matter is sensitive, more make a staff member strict all the more to the requirement of whole dub style, duration, proper limits for speech or action is taken hold should discuss repeatedly.

Joint audience be fond of is difficult

Dubbed film had been welcomed numerously before unlike in that way by broad view, more audiences like to hear former voice when watching the foreign country is big now, and even if is the audience that still preserves good memory to those pairs of dubbed film for, the Japan that once had looked piece with the United States is big their dub style also be completely different. So, to this " the Japanese film that the Chinese that American films acts the leading role " use what kind of style to come after all dub, how ability joint audience increasingly the taste of artful, let film also can be welcomed in China, it is to be placed in go up another difficult problem before interpret factory.
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