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3 kinds of English tag same way name
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3 kinds of English tag same way name

The expert says public English translated term affects urban figure, urgently standard

Xinhua net Guangzhou on January 10 report recently, the reporter waits to be gone to enlightenedly newly in platform of sports west station the subway of guest village direction when 3 lines, a foreign friend shows the airport express among the move indicates a card to enquire to the reporter, he should go to Guangzhou east whether is the station to take this train. The reporter is telling him need sits after change ladder is taken across, he feels puzzled, be to have writing " airport express " indicate a shop sign? Look again carefully, the English interpreter that just discovers this directive shop sign is Chinese Phonetic Alphabet " Jichangkuaixian " , is not " Airport Expressway " . Pardonable this foreign friend water of a mist.

Through investigation, reporter discovery, inside Guangzhou urban district, have a lot of public, establishment, or it is the uses English such as public official notice very non-standard.

Road translated term does not have Zhang Ke abide

Reporter along wide garden from Guangdong Olympic sports center quick way takes a car to city of the Milky way, the English translation that sees a lot of guidepost and directional directive shop sign all the way is abhorrent. Be like abstruse body center on the west on the trestle of side, "Yellow Bu highway " , " Zhongshan highway " English interpreter is " Huangpu Avenue " and " Zhongshan Avenue " , and lay between a few meters only, "Yellow village highway " English interpreter becomes Chinese Phonetic Alphabet " HUANGCUN   DADAO " . It is grade name together, the English label of road of north of the Milky way on trestle is " TIANHE RD.N " , the English label of the road austral the Milky way becomes " TIANHE NANLU " , and English label of Tian Shoulu is " TIANSHOU ROAD " . In addition, "Wide garden is fast road " be become by the interpreter on the demonstrative card of roadside " GUANG YUAN KUAISULU " , the demonstrative card on trestle is used " GUANGYUAN EXPRESSWAY " . It is grade name together, some uses Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, some Chinese-English be mingled with, and the use of big, the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral also does not have Zhang Ke abide.

The reporter consulted relevant data, translated Liu Xiaohua of worker association secretary-general to consult pertinent question to Guangzhou city. Understanding arrives later, be in early classics the State Council was approved 1987, committee of job of writing of language of ministry of committee of Chinese place name, construction, country combines dispatch, stipulate name of place name, grade marks to must not use English to tag clearly, want to use Chinese Phonetic Alphabet to have comment. And promulgated 1999 " card of place name mark is urban and rural standard " specific provision, place name of our country of spelling of scheme of the Chinese phonetic alphabet is surely what must carry out is mandatory clause. So grade name and station name should be united serve as a label with Chinese Phonetic Alphabet.
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