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American famous book " Luolida " will give Chinese complete translation
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[Shanghai of Xinhua News Agency on January 18 special telegram] the Nabokefu that the west astonishs 50 years ago novel " Luolida " , be about to by Shanghai translation press first complete translation is published.

The famous novel of Nabokefu of American literature Great Master " Luolida " the European immigrant that told about a gentle adn cultivated entices a girl of 12 years old of United States, american literature bound and social community ever irritated after the story is published. Nevertheless, this novel established position of its the literary world very quickly with unique value, and last long.

September 2005 is " Luolida " publish 50 years, the press of Su Erkan general of the press of gal manage Ma of the penguin press of the Lan Dengshu room that the literature with world the most influential each country publishs an orgnaization to be like the United States, England, France, Germany, the souvenir of the famous book that rolled out this rich controversy in succession is collected edition.

It is reported, " Luolida " after Chinese edition came out Spring 1989 oneself, the home inside more than 10 years has nearly 10 translation to appear early or late, but abbreviate somewhat because of all sorts of reasons. And Shanghai translation company was obtained 2004 " Luolida " with Nabokefu the exclusive interpreter of other work publishs authority. Translation edition " Luolida " by famous interpreter home advocate interpreter of write of 10 thousand gentlemen, devoted to origianl work, it is first Chinese complete translation.