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Interpreter of expert appeal literature executes admittance to make ask duty mak
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(reporter Li Jing) the quantitative leap of publication of translation of our country literature, however work of high grade interpreter grows without synchronism. The world translates congress to go up, expert of a few home expresses anxiety again to ” of chronic and stubborn disease of this one “ .

The expert points out, new China holds water 50 come for years, the literary work that generation of our country generation translates an interpreter introduction covered a thing square each nation since ancient times up to now all sorts of classical and outstanding make, professional of a few big publishing houses is centered, publication breed is much, formed respective publication dimensions. But, major of a few blame translates a press to often go after publication speed and economic benefits only, negligence translates quality, manufacture in a rough way, affected a foreign country the normal transmission that fine literature work is in our country.

Word culture and international communication institute teach foreign language of university of secretary-general of association of Zhejiang province interpreter, Zhejiang Guo Guoliang, not long ago published the England that translates by him in Shanghai translation press · of Ian of contemporary and well-known writer Maikeyouen's novel " condonable " . Guo Guoliang says, " condonable " one book makes an appointment with 230 thousand word, heart of his whole body throws interpret a year of ability is finishing, shanghai translation press did not urge him from beginning to end. Some publish a company to do not have so good “ patience ” , after buying foreign books copyright, the time that gives translator has half an year only at most, even just a few months. Interpreter time did not assure, the thing that the interpreter comes out is put in all sorts of regrets for certain.

Expert analysis says, translate the another reason that quality glides, it is certain the capacity that publication orgnaization has an interpreter to publish literary work far from, also publish in ground of strive to be the first however. Some publication units are taken a fancy to abroad after some best seller, grab copyright first in one's hand, without appropriate translator, pull a person to make up the number or the amount casually, editor force and level are insufficient also, cannot guard a pass. Result time is to grab came out, but interpreter quality is very poor. This kind of practice for oneself economy interest, wasted social natural resources already, also misdirect reader, entail untold troubles. Experts appeal, to literature the interpreter executes publication admittance to make, execute interpreter quality to ask duty make wait for act, should mention schedule to come up.