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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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One, introductive
English passes into daystart of China to producing powerful communication effect from it, also began the process that develops in China at the same time. And when Chinese reforming and opening, politics, economy, science and technology, when all respects such as social life produce sharp change, neologism of a batch of another batch of new terms also emerge as the times require, of the growing speed of its amount make a person quickly have too many visitors or business to deal with. It is then in process of international English communication, in behaving China culture most of individualizing content, have the vocabulary of full-bodied Chinese characteristic, be in western language it is off-the-peg and OK to do not have corresponding term, this produced corresponding and vacant phenomenon, become the main obstacle that crosses culture intercourse. Right now, how should research resolve this obstacle, better for Chinese culture transmission levels road appears particularly important. The article will be right a few more afore-mentioned the problem undertakes elaborating.
2, the characteristic of Chinese vocabulary
The literal system on the world is roughly OK and attributive 3 kinds: Watch body written language (hieroglyph) , watch sound writing (phonic meaning integrates a character) , ideograph (alphabetic writing) [1](25) . Chinese character, belong to ideograph, the alphabetic writing that it and world most nation use is to have notable difference. Its glyph structure and token action are having close relationship. This one characteristic of the Chinese character is decided by the itself characteristic place of Chinese of course. Single syllabic word is dominant in archaic Chinese, homonym is much, lack configuration change again, sum difference of upper part character serious, and the need that the Chinese character of token property is getting used to these characteristics and satisfies intercourse. The one big distinguishing feature that then itself of this kind of character becomes Chinese culture [2](362) . So how is the word of Chinese to build come out? The word of “ Chinese and word are apart. The word of Chinese is finite, although people still is in,make new word, but this is very finite. And construction of Chinese new term is infinite however. The morphology of ”“ Chinese character is relatively fixed, unlike English can change in that way multiterminal. Contemporary Chinese language and English are similar, use synthetic law to come augment vocabulary, the word of Chinese, word spells group of new terms when ability and strong. ” photograph is compared under the word of “ English and statement are not distributed, perhaps say to do not have a word, have a word only. Although English has free root (Free-bound) , but the amount is limited ” reflects his more because of the Chinese character namely (form) meaning, “ Chinese acceptation is so narrower, relatively accurate, fixed, more rigorous, the dependence of the retractility of acceptation and context is consequently smaller, independent character is bigger. ”[1](26) has the characteristic of above because of Chinese vocabulary, the phenomenon with vacant vocabulary can appear in the process in bilingual changeover, and the formation of these characteristics and the culture setting that its are in are not divided.
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