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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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3, the difficulty that Chinese characteristic vocabulary translates and cause of formation namely the vocabulary that culture difference place causes is vacant
The language is fashioned in the development of historical endless flow, the language is the carrier of culture, culture is the soil of the language. The real significance of culture is changed to the article is the thing that has not been familiar with again then for the group, but the group to different culture, it is very unfamiliar. Different culture trained different language group, then, the vocabulary produced in the process that communicating each other when different language group vacant, cannot search the answers relatively vocabulary that can convey its meaning inside the limits that is not native language character namely, and the difference of these culture basically is expressed devotional now, artistic, morality, law, the ability that custom and the others review socially and customarily
(one) , the tradition accumulates historical culture element to cause a vocabulary vacant phenomenon
China is the Oriental civilization ancient state that has long history, reaction of its traditional culture thought nature arrives on the language. Traditional be confirmed in the head of people admittedly, resemble word of ” of this “ dragon, in culture of an ancient name for China, word of “ dragon ” is one of animals of gods and spirits in fokelore, close with phoenix, kylin, chelonian call “ 4 clever ” . Outside dividing this word justice, what it still is regarded as the Chinese nation is indicative, form totem of culture of a kind of China, call Chinese people the ” sending a person of “ dragon now, what it is thus clear that its affect is big. A lot of emperors of later ages what with respect to “ dragon ” this thing serves as authority is indicative, if sit dragon chair, imperial robe of A Chinese-style unlined garment, sleep dragon bed is waited a moment. Be in however western country, “ dragon ” (Dragon) be in a extremely dangerous state, because “ rises from times of Bei Erwo's husband on English history, dragon is in a extremely dangerous state symbolizes evilly, it is an eccentric person that tells burn person. ”[1](277) this is traditional accumulate the people that cause to be opposite the different understanding of same thing, its further progress caused a vocabulary vacant. Wait like ”Water-Splashing Day of Water-splashing Festival of ”Mid-Autumn Day;“ of “ the Mid-autumn Festival again, these are Chinese traditional festival, be Chinese admirable culture accumulate, long history inheritance up to now gem, these traditional culture festival now have been not just be had only by Chinese place, they also are in a few foreigners that like Chinese culture popularity rises. And of Euramerican belief is Christian, the red-letter day that so many vocabularies include them with " Bible " concern with christian, be like the covenant) that A Covenant Of Salt(cannot abandon, ) of be utterly destitute of As Poor As A Church Mouse(; Than, the main component of culture of the Han nationality and buddhism and Taoism are not divided, be like: Immensity of abyss of misery, repent and be saved, powerful. Again a few is like “ wushu”Wu Shu, “ kongfu”Kung Fu, ”yang Ko of “ do the yangko dance, the characteristic culture of these folk, had not opened to the outside world in China, these are never heard of before to Hesperian, the vocabulary that these mirrorred these two kinds of different historical culture place to cause is vacant.
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