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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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(2) , the vocabulary that the difference of district culture causes is vacant
What district culture difference points to is a nation the culture difference that the different place such as located situation, natural condition and zoology environment forms. The labor of the generation of the language and people and life have very big concern, the many idiom in Chinese English, literary quotation, slang, common saying, gnomic, adage contain strong Chinese name a group of things with common features characteristic and district colour. Chinese the nation is to live on Asian mainland, the life of people cannot leave land. And England is an insularity, seafaring all the time very develop. Differred bothly to appear a lot of vocabularies in Chinese culture and land are concerned, and very much in English vocabulary concern with the sea; For example, chinese uses appearance of “ crumble ” to break down thoroughly, cannot clear away, and English expresses stalemate with “get Into Hot Water” . English of “ pickled ” uses Drunk As A Sailor, here need not mud, and those who use is jack-tar [3] .
In addition, the weather variation that the difference of district affects still can be affected then farming animal husbandry, of this respect differring is to cause Sino-British another element that does not have corresponding vocabulary. Do not list bump island northwest a mountainous area moisture is rainy, belong to ever since wet model, suit to give birth to chief worry in the woods, and China is located in southeast Asia, with a vast territory, of each district ever since the difference also is quite big, figurative new thing is used in Chinese then the ” of phrasal “ emerge that rapid abundantly emerge in large numbers comes out is become by interpret Spring Up Like Mushrooms Or To Mushroom Up is when English.
(3) , the vocabulary that the difference of consuetudinary culture causes is vacant
The poor variant that English-Chinese custom is used to makes many sided now, be like food, marriage, solar term, to colorific preference, relative relation is waited a moment. These difference often also make opposite vocabulary appears between the language vacant phenomenon. For instance, be in China, people likes to be dressed up in festival festival with red, think red is being represented lucky and lucky, new personality likes to wearing gules dress when marry; And in western country they think red is being represented force and bloody, new people represents their pure and immaculate love when wedding with white, but be in China, white expresses misfortune constantly however [4] . The A Red Day that so the auspicious day in English is not Chinese place imagination is correct should be A White Day. And a favourite by sb in power that says in Chinese cannot become A Red-haired Girl with the interpreter, its right interpret way should be A White Headed Boy. Will look to go up in the manner that treats an animal again, flower the nation likes pet, the dog is them most one of pet that like, they think the dog is very faithful. And the dog is in Chinese the animal that a kind of lowliness is however in culture, it is regarded to be the pronoun of “ hangdog ” . The term that concerns with the dog so contains derogatory sense mostly, be like: Inept adviser of ”“ of henchman of ”“ of be a bully under the protection of a powerful person of ”“ of “ monstrous audacity”” of “ a cornered beast will do something desperate; But in English, the term of concerned dog does not have derogatory sense mostly, be like: “ is on perch”Be Top Dog; “ favorite”A Lucky Dog. Be like again, china in ancient time the woman should be the United States with 3 inches of Jin Lian, then woman “ wraps sufficient ”bound Feet: A Vile Feudal Practice Which Crippled Women Both Physically And Spiritually, and ”child Wife of “ child bride: Girl Raised From Childhood To Be Wife Of Son Of Family. The word that still has living habit of China of a few report is like “ kang”Kang: A Heatable Brick Bed is waited a moment. Above can be regarded as the vocabulary that the difference of consuetudinary culture causes is vacant.
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