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Chinese characteristic vocabulary Ji Jiying interpret
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4, the method of a few kinds of flower interpret of Chinese characteristic vocabulary
The interpreter is one kind steps culture action, it is the mutual changeover between two kinds of languages not just, be two kinds of culture more blend [5] , its complexity is self-evident. And Chinese characteristic vocabulary is the marrow that condensing culture of Chinese long history, the culture connotation that if where,wants to withhold Chinese spy to have when the interpreter while, the people that can let the west again can be done understand and accept, that needs translator to have deep literary strength not only and also should have substantial literacy knowledge.
(one) , transliteration
Transliteration, be in China, its definition is “ the person name a country or nation, place name, or the pronunciation ” that the pronunciation interpret of other noun becomes another country or nation. And the pronunciation ”[6] that foreign scholar explains transliteration to for “ interpret of pronunciation of the word call the turn of a kind of language, abecedarian becomes another kind of language. From the point of the definition that transliterates a law, transliteration law than other method, the proper-noun such as name of professional technology term, person, place name and trade name is introduced in the interpreter when more commonly used. And, transliteration is in bilingual complete and apparent reservation can call original pronunciation in changed course, sound appear special have friendly feeling. For instance: “ tea, circulate by China to world each country, also be people place is familiar, the) of Won Ton(wonton in the pronunciation ”[2]369 English of ’ of dialectal ‘ tea austral the Tea traceable Fujian in English, ) of Yamen(goverment office in feudal China, mafoo (Ma Fu) , xiucai (scholar) etc. Such, retained semantic Chinese culture trait already, drew the reader's attention again, do not break the environment that complied with language intercourse again. But, transliteration is not is to the queen's taste, sell on market for instance a kind of daily articles for use washing gargle that the name is LUX, its Chinese name is “ force person ” , sheet sees this Chinese name, those who let people associate above all is Hercules certainly, they have the muscle that develop, exceed strong athletic capacity, the sort of easy bright that after letting people very hard think of to use this product, achieves, moist feeling. This caused the worry of readers.
(2) , metaphrase
So what is metaphrase? Still do not have final conclusion at present. But can introduce a kind of version, be in namely do not violate translation language standard and the premise that do not cause a mistake to associate to fall, withhold textual content to preserve textual shape again already in translation, special the translation that points to the analogy that keeps textual, figure and ethical place colour to wait is metaphrase [7] . The target is the unity that makes form and content, namely “ form ” , “ god ” has both. If metaphrase of ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job becomes Iron Rice Bowl;“ ,metaphrase of red bag ” opens time of ”black Market “ of blackmarket of ”township And Village Enterprises; “ of town enterprise of policy ”open-door Policy;“ into Red Packet;“ is money”Time Is Money is waited a moment, these interpreters conveyed the content of former vocabulary already, saved the analogy of former vocabulary again. But metaphrase often can cause translator to die toward “ get in the chance of interpret ” , translate the vocabulary that go out, the article can appear inflexible, want special attention when using word-for-word translation this.
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